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Mithai: Brotin, Som and others who could prove to be a nuisance for the Modak family in the near future

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March 9, 2021

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The Modak family might have to face many nuisances in their household due to some members of the family, like Brotin and Samaresh.

Zee Bangla’s popular serial Mithai stars Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai and Adrit Roy as Siddhartha in lead roles. The couple got married under difficult circumstances and their marriage is yet to hit the right chords. Members of the household are extremely loving and caring towards each other and are trying their best to ignite the spark of love between the couple, but there are also many people who are relentlessly trying to harm not just Sid and Mithai’s relationship, but the other family members as well.

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Samaresh Modak

Samaresh Modak, Siddhartha’s father, has always been against the idea of having Mithai as the daughter-in-law of the Modak household. He has not only criticised her involvement in the family but also insulted her for her family’s social and financial status. In a recent episode, we see that he protests against Mithai’s involvement in the family business and insults her by calling her names like kaal shap and opportunist. We think he will not only create problems for Mithai in the future but will also try to split Siddhartha and Mithai.

Samaresh Modak in Mithai
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Although Siddhartha has never expressed any romantic feelings for her, Torsha has had an obsession with Siddhartha since the beginning. When Siddhartha got married to Mithai, Torsha expressed her dislike very evidently. Since then, she has been trying to persuade Siddhartha from leaving Mithai. She has even gone to the extent of plotting against Mithai along with her mother. Will Torsha be a problem for the couple in the future? Well, we think, of course!

Torsha in Mithai
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Som is not an out-and-out antagonist yet in the show. He cares for the Modak family and has immense respect for Dadai, but he has been holding too many grudges lately. It is always Samaresh’s actions and Brotin’s instigation that have created bitterness in Som’s attitude. With Dadai’s decision to include Mithai into the family business, Som might take some severe actions in order to take revenge on Modak family. Hopefully, good sense is going to prevail and he is not going to take any drastic steps.

Som in Mithai
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Don’t we all have that one member in our family who is a double-faced liar? Well, Brotin, Aparajita’s husband, is the one in Modak Family. He shows that he is loving and caring towards the family members, but he has always tried to ruin the peace and harmony of the household. He holds the grudge of not being a part of the family’s riches. Brotin has also been the one who has provoked Som on numerous occasions. In a recent episode also, we see that he is yet again trying to brainwash Som into turning against Dadai’s decision to include Mithai into the family business. Well, we only hope he does not succeed in his evil intentions.

Brotin in Mithai
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Torsha’s mother

Torsha has always proved to a hurdle in Mithai and Siddhartha’s relationship, but her actions are not always the fruit of her own thoughts. Torsha’s mother has been the mastermind behind most of the scenes created by Torsha. She not only brainwashes her own daughter but also has started plotting against Mithai along with Samaresh. She tells him that he should let Mithai into the family business as it will be easier to frame Mithai and have her divorced from Siddhartha.

Torsha's mother in Mithai
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It will be interesting to see if Mithai and Siddhatha can protect their family and themselves from these crooked minds!

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