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Mithai: Here’s why we are looking forward to Adrit Roy and Soumitrisha Kundu being Cupid-struck for each other

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 10, 2021

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On the new Bengali TV show Mithai, Mithai and Sid are very unalike. But we cannot wait to see how their differences will turn into a soft corner for each other.

Every love story comes with its own specific elements that set it apart from the other ones. Similar is the case with Mithai, the new Bengali TV show that was just introduced to us. Mithai and Sid’s story consists of many such elements that are getting us more excited with each passing day. Given the distinct differences that the two have, we are eager to witness the transition of their bond into a full-fledged romance gradually.

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Mithai and Siddhartha’s personalities and outlooks on life are poles apart. While Mithai believes in making every second of life count and enjoys them thoroughly, Sid is a rather straightforward, practical and goal-oriented man. Given how Sid rejected Mithai’s offer to feed him some of her sweets, in a promo of the show, he also seemed to not have any enthusiasm for the simpler pleasures of life. Not that we saw him taking any interest in Mithai either. It would be interesting to see how this indifference turns into a soft spot! Two people, who see life so differently, may face several challenges on their road to happiness together. However, given how determined both are in their own ways, we believe they will find their ways around things and eventually be open to each other’s perspectives too.

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But, it is not just their personalities that differ so much. They also come from very different familial backgrounds. While Mithai was orphaned at a young age and grew up with just her uncle and aunt, Sid was fortunate enough to have always been surrounded by a giant joint family. Growing up in such contrasting circumstances can shape people differently. Will they find a common ground when life gets difficult in the future?

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The promo of the show showed us how Mithai entered the Modak family as a sweet-seller. That is the first time that we get to see how contrasting a life she lives, compared to Siddhartha and her family. It would also be interesting to see how Sid’s entire family would react when they find out that Mithai is Sid’s partner of choice. Although the affluent Modak family seems to love the lively and chirpy Mithai, they only see her as a sweet-seller. It is a mystery for now if they will be shocked or delighted when Sid and her come together as a pair. Love stories always come with some hurdles that make the journey more eventful, isn’t it? It is likely that we will see some resistance from the Modak family’s side as and when Mithai and Sid’s romance blooms.

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Mithai and Sid also hail from significantly different financial statuses. While Mithai is a poorer village girl who makes and sells sweets for a living, Sid works in the corporate sector. Mithai’s contentment from life and Sid’s high ambitions may clash too. But what we cannot wait to witness is, how their differences would be put aside and replaced with a soft corner for each other in their hearts. We are sure it will give us some butterflies in the tummy and have our hearts racing when their worlds collide extensively.

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