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5 things that Jamuna Dhaki’s Ragini can learn from Mithai’s Aparajita

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February 24, 2021

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Jamuna Dhaki’s Ragini has always been a troublemaker, but we hope she learns a few things from Mithai’s Aparajita.

Popular Bengali TV show Jamuna Dhaki stars Sweta Bhattacharya and Rubel Das in the lead roles, while Soumitrisha Kundu and Adrit Roy play the lead roles of Mithai and Siddhartha in Mithai. Both the shows have an apt representation of various types of family members that we happen to have. While we love some of them, the others are not always pleasant company. The aunts of two of our lead characters seem to fall under two different categories. While Ragini, Sangeet’s pishimoni, is always trying to create chaos in the Ray family, Siddhartha’s pishi Aparajita is a sweetheart. We think Ragini will have lots to learn from our favourite pishi, Aparajita.

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Respectful behaviour

Aparajita, portrayed by Arpita Mukherjee, has a very cordial yet respectful way of speaking to her family members irrespective of their age. Even when she had to raise her voice in front of her elder brother in support of Mithai, she did that without crossing the line of respect. Ragini, on the other hand, has no filter to her rather dirty mouth. She not only talks in a disrespectful manner but also insults people who disagree with her. We hope Ragini learns a thing or two about her manners from Aparajita.

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Love for family

Aparajita is very involved in taking care of the Modak household. During Makar Sankranti, we saw her helping her mother in prepping for the puja as well as in making the sweets. Expecting the same out of Ragini, might lead to disappointments, given her past record. We have always seen her trying to break apart the Ray household and instigate fights among the family members. We would love to see Ragini follow the path of Aparajita and try to do something constructive in favour of the Ray family.

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Supportive towards the right people

Mithai might be facing resistance from her father-in-law and her husband, but the rest of the family, including Aparajita, is absolutely in love with her. She has always supported Mithai and even spoke up against her elder brother’s decision to bring Torsa into the house. She very well understood the evil intentions of Torsa and protested against her living under the same roof. Ragini, on the other hand, has always been a hurdle in Jamuna and Sangeet’s relationship. She along with her daughter, Rajanya, and her ally Arya have always sprouted problems for Jamuna. Ragini should leave the couple alone and work towards being more inclusive.

No judgements

Due to Jamuna’s occupation as a Dhaki, Ragini, essayed by Kanchana Moitra, has always looked down upon her and insulted her whenever she got the chance. She always labeled Jamuna as a gold-digger and tried to throw her out of the Ray house. Mithai also belongs to a poorer financial background as compared to the Modak family, but this did not bring about any difference in Aparajita’s behaviour. She has always welcomed Mithai with open arms and has treated her like the other children of the family. Although we love it when Jamuna gives it back to Ragini, we hope she indeed learns to look beyond people’s financial and social status.

An advocate of justice

Aparajita is always vocal about what she thinks is right. She might be respectful but she also puts forth her opinion if she finds a situation unjust. When Sid’s father wanted to let Torsa live in the house, she not only expressed her discomfort but also reminded him that bringing Torsa into the house would be an insult to Mithai. Well, when it comes to Ragini, standing up for justice is a far-fetched dream. She herself insults and masterminds evil plans against Jamuna.

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While we can’t see Ragini undergoing a drastic transformation anytime soon, we hope she becomes a kinder and more respectful person, instead of investing her time and energy in plotting crooked plans.

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