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Mithai: Will Mithai’s sweetness be able to bridge the gap between Siddhartha and his family?

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February 19, 2021

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Mithai is making her mark in Siddhartha’s life, but will she be able to bring him and his family members close?

Popular Bengali serial Mithai stars Adrit Roy as Siddhartha Modak and Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai in lead roles. Since the beginning, we have seen that Siddhartha is very distant and aloof from his family. Mithai, on the other hand, has accepted Siddhartha’s family as her own. A couple of times, in the past, her actions unveiled the softer side of Siddhartha which isn’t very commonly seen. We’ve good reasons to believe that he will end up getting closer to his family, all thanks to Mithai.

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When Dadai was happy

In Siddhartha’s life, Dadai plays an important role. He regards Dadai very highly and since the beginning, Mithai has won Dadai’s heart with her innocence and her skills. In an episode, where Mithai takes part in the sweet-making competition, Dadai is very happy when she wins. Here, Siddhartha says that he is happy because his Dadai is happy. The credit of making Dadai happy goes to whom…you know!

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The marriage rituals

In a recent episode, Siddhartha refused to take part in the rituals performed after marriage. Mithai approaches him to participate in the ritual but he says he is busy. She then says that if he loves Dadai enough to get married to her, he should take part in the rituals to make his family members happy.  At last, Sid listens to Mithai and takes part in the rituals.

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Siddhartha calls a doctor for Mithai’s mother

Mithai has become a part of the family but Sid has not accepted her yet. He might show a hard exterior but he is slowly warming up to Mithai and her family. When Mithai’s mother suffers from stomachache, Sid immediately calls a doctor and gets her treated. He himself is surprised at the fact that Mithai’s helplessness affects him.

In another instance, when Mithai’s mother insists, Siddhartha comes for another marriage ritual and even touches her feet for her blessings.

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In a recent episode, we see that on the night of Phoolshojja, Sid tells Mithai to leave his room and sleep somewhere else. Mithai ends up sleeping on the floor of the kitchen. This upsets the family members. While on the way to his office, Sid has a discussion with Torsha about the events of the previous night. She tells him that he should never allow Mithai inside his room, as it will help him get a divorce easily. Siddhartha does not pay heed to Torsha’s advice.

We genuinely wish Siddhartha and Mithai grow to be a happy couple soon, with the gap between the former and his family also being bridged in the process!

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