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Mithai: Sid’s reserved persona or Torsha’s show-offs can never beat Mithai’s straightforwardness; here’s why

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 6, 2021

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Mithai’s undeniable originality regardless of Sid’s rage or Torsha’s flaunting nature is commendable!

The latest television show of Zee Bangla, Mithai, has already shot to popularity amongst the audience. The show stars Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai and Adrit Roy as Siddhartha in lead roles. Siddhartha is a rather strict person, who often gets extremely irritated with Mithai and ends up scolding her. While others dread his anger, Mithai has no fear in taking him head-on at any given moment.

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Mithai’s male protagonist, Siddhartha, is a very uptight and on-the-edge type of a man. He gets triggered easily by the tiniest of things and bosses around over everyone at home. So, Mithai’s carefree and cheerful personality only makes it worse for him. Her chirpiness and loud nature contribute more to an easily irritable Siddhartha to the greatest of extent. He cannot stand her for the sake of anything and she never stops talking back to him.

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While Sid usually starts yelling at her for her mistakes, Mithai is unapologetically herself in front of him. She speaks up about what she thinks is right or wrong and does not care to fear him whatsoever. Even when Sid crashed his car into her bicycle and destroyed her package of sweets, he only offered to pay her the money for the damage he did. However, instead of accepting it, Mithai made a clear demand – an apology. She wanted him to own up to it and sincerely apologise to her for his mistake.

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Source: ZEE5

Sid’s friend Torsha has a rather competitive attitude, at least when it comes to Mithai. In a recent episode, Mithai challenged Torsha’s dancing skills saying she was sure of being better at it than the latter. Torsha, of course, could not tolerate it and decided to get on the floor. Their tiff was evident with how Mithai reacted to her performance. Additionally, Mithai constantly murmured about how she dances much better than Torsha.

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Recently, when Mithai went to help in the kitchen, Sid coincidentally ended up bumping into her. While the innocent Mithai had no intentions of troubling him, she ended up spilling over a lot of flour on his shirt and hands. This angered Sid to the point where he created a ruckus in the house. While others stood quiet and Mithai’s mother agreed with his choice to scold her, Mithai promptly told him how rude he was. Later, she also went ahead and told Sid’s grandfather that it is her belief that one who raises their voice may not always be in the right, referring to Siddhartha. To which, his grandpa totally agreed with.

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