Mithai: 5 reasons why Mithai is the best life partner Siddhartha can ever get

Mithai and Siddhartha might not be getting along perfectly at this moment, but we think Mithai is the perfect wife for Siddhartha.

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February 20, 2021



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Zee Bangla’s newer addition Mithai is winning the hearts of the audience with its simple yet captivating story. The show stars Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai and Adrit Roy as Siddhartha Modak in the lead roles. The couple got married under difficult circumstances and their marriage hasn’t hit the right chords yet. However, here is why we think that Mithai is the right choice for Siddhartha.

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Mithai’s family-oriented nature

Unlike Siddhartha who is rather distant and aloof from his family, Mithai is very family-oriented. She not only takes care of her own mother and Gulti, but she also caters to the needs and wants of the members of the Modak family. In the short period of time that she has spent with Sid’s family, she has earned a lot of love and respect from almost all the family members. And do we have to remind you that she is Dadai’s absolute favourite? Mithai might be able to change Siddhartha’s isolated nature and help him be a more involved member of the family.

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Mithai is not afraid of Sid

Sid is known for his uptight attitude and has a very short temper, which is why almost everyone in his family is afraid of him. But we cannot say the same about Mithai. She is undaunted by Sid’s angry nature and always confronts him with straightforward responses whenever she thinks he is being unreasonable. Mithai is the perfect person to help Siddharth realise the mistakes in his attitude and behaviour.

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The lack of affection in Sid’s life

A mother’s affection is missing from Siddhartha’s life as his mother passed away many years ago. Due to this, he has grown up to be quite bitter towards his family and surroundings as well. Mithai’s soft and affectionate nature might help Siddhartha learn how to be more compassionate and loving towards his dear ones.

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Help Sid be more open in nature

It is evident how Siddhartha has built a shell around himself and even his family members also can’t break in, however much they try. Mithai, being a jovial and cheerful person, could just add some light-hearted moments to Sid’s life, opening him up to a more normal way of life in the process.

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Mithai and Sid’s mutual love for independence

Siddhartha is a very career-oriented person, who not only chose a different path for himself but also excelled in it. Mithai might not be what we understand as a corporate woman, but she loves her work of making sweets no less.  The couple’s absolute passion for their respective occupations might just be a conversation-starter for them!

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Though Siddhartha and Mithai have personalities that are poles apart, we think these differences will help them pave a path of love for each other. It will be very interesting to see the couple learn from each other’s qualities and grow together.

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