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Mithai: Sritoma is the voice of reason Siddhartha should listen to

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February 18, 2021

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Siddhartha, who is inarguably the most aloof one in the family, should take some cues from his sister Sritoma. Read on to know what we think he should do.

The popular Bengali serial Mithai stars Adrit Roy as Siddhartha Modak and Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai in lead roles. Siddhartha, due to his distant relationship with his family, never lets any of his family members be a part of his life and his decisions. His cousins have a very jovial relationship with each other, but Sid never partakes in these moments. Sritoma, Siddhartha’s sister, is a very vocal critic of his aloof nature. Unlike her cousins who are afraid of Siddhartha’s temper, Sritoma, played by Diya Mukherjee, always stands up against her brother whenever he is wrong.

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In one of the episodes, we see Siddhartha asking his cousin Sandy for an internet dongle since the internet in his room wasn’t functioning properly. Sandy, who is no less afraid of Siddhartha than the other cousins are, tries to hurriedly finish his food and rush to fetch the dongle. Sritoma, spotting this, goes to get the dongle herself. Being the one who believes in sharing a warm and open relationship with her cousins, she also stops Sandy from spoiling his meal. She also sternly lets Siddhartha know that he is the only one who restricts his cousins from entering his room. Siddhartha, who is restrictive about who can enter his room, should take this as a cue and realise that a little bit of openness will only improve his bond with his cousins.

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In another episode, Siddhartha is seen scolding Mithai after she asks him to come downstairs for a marriage ritual. He might not consider small gestures important for a healthy relationship, but Sritoma certainly does. She is known to share a warm and cordial relationship with her family members, and at the same time, calls out what’s wrong. Hence, when Mithai refuses to go downstairs without her husband, Sritoma asks Mithai to let Siddhartha be in his room and asks her to avoid any further argument with him. It is about time Siddhartha picked the quality of bonding with his family from his sister. This, in turn, will improve not just his relationship with Mithai but with the other members of the Modak family as well.

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Siddhartha has displayed his disinterest in Mithai numerous times, and needless to say, it is quite disrespectful for her. On the night of  Phoolshojja, Siddhartha does not let Mithai sleep in his bedroom and forbids her from entering his room in the future. Mithai ends up sleeping on the floor of the kitchen. Everyone in the family is left upset with this, but Srimota decided to not only take Mithai’s side but also criticises her brother for not having minimum respect for his wife. With Siddhartha being a young, educated man, such uncivil treatment towards his wife isn’t what we expect. But since he is unable to treat Mithai right, he should at least listen to Sritoma and correct his own behaviour.

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We hope that Sritoma continuous to help Mithai and Siddhartha takes lessons of compassion, respect, and openness from Sritoma .

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