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Paurashpur: What Is The Mystery Behind The Queens Going Missing In The Kingdom?

Vatsal Thakore

January 19, 2021

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The kingdom of Paurashpur hides many mysteries – one of them, being the disappearance of its queens!

Paurashpur, a historical fiction show, based around a patriarchal kingdom, premiered on ZEE5 on 29 December. The plot of Paurashpur revolves around its tyrannical king, Bhadrapratap, and the mystery of his disappearing queens. It features Annu Kapoor, Shilpa Shinde, Milind Soman, and Poulomi Das in some of the leading roles.

The show begins with the story of how the women in the kingdom are suppressed and have to adhere to the rules set by the men. Bhadrapratap is a misogynist king, who for the sake of his lust, marries multiple women and tortures them. In the beginning, we also get to know that his first queen, Meerawati, is the only one who is with him. Four queens who came after Meerawati have all disappeared mysteriously.

The king marries a new princess, Umanglata, who goes through the same trauma with him. She tries to run back to her own kingdom but is stopped by Meerawati. Next day when she is about to be executed, her life is saved and is kidnapped by a masked person –  and hence she, too, goes missing.

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Later when Bhadrapratap marries his son Ranveer’s lover, Kala, that’s when we see the mystery beginning to unfold. After Kala also goes missing, we see that she has ended up in a brothel, owned by Boris. She finds all the missing queens of Paurashpur there, except for Nayantara, the first queen who went missing. Kala sees that the queens are much happier and free there.

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This revelation shows us that Boris, who has always despised the king’s actions towards his queens, is the one who saved all the queens and brought them there.

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Later in the show, we find a dark secret about Queen Nayantara, who had become the queen after Meerawati. We also find out the truth of Meerawati’s actions. Seeing Nayantara’s condition, Meerawati decided that she would not let that happen to any other woman. Following this, she joined hands with the one person the king was the most intimidated by – Boris. Meerawati and Boris together saved the queens.

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However, when Ranveer gets kidnapped with Kala, he finds out the truth of Nayantara’s fate and when back in Paurashpur, he tells it all to Bhadrapratap. What happens when Bhadrapratap learns about Meerawati’s truth following this revelation and what actions he takes, forms the rest of the show.

To unravel the mystery, watch Paurashpur on ZEE5.

For more such stories, stay tuned to ZEE5.

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