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Paurashpur Star Poulomi Das Shares Her Take On Fairness Creams, Social Media And More In This Exclusive Interview

Aboli Vaze

January 16, 2021

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Recently on Unboxed with ZEE5, Paurashpur star Poulomi Das revealed a side of hers that you probably don’t know.

Recently on Unboxed with ZEE5, Paurashpur star Poulomi Das revealed a side of hers that was never seen before. She candidly spoke about fairness creams, how she deals with social media pressure, and more. She also spilled the beans on some lesser-known facts about her life and that has only made us love her more. Take a look at what Poulomi Das had to say on some of the questions asked on Unboxed with ZEE5.

Take a look at 60 Seconds With Poulomi Das on ZEE5 Unboxed here:

Poulomi Das on Unboxed with Zee5

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Poulomi revealed that she is a morning person as she has to go to work in the morning and ‘many other things’ also happen in the morning for her. She also mentioned that she would rather go to bed early than stay up late at night as she is a very ‘lazy’ person.

1. What is the story behind your middle name ‘Polo’?

Poulomi said that when she started working in Kolkata, there were many people with the same name and surname so she came up with a shorter version of her name and started adding ‘Polo’ so as to help others differentiate between other Poulomi Das and herself.

2. Tea or Coffee?

Paurashpur actress mentioned that when she is going out on dates she prefers her beverage to be coffee and when she is working, she would rather have Adrak Chai. She also mentioned that she likes to have black coffee when she needs to stay awake.

3. Gym or Yoga?

Speaking on how she keeps herself fit, Poulomi mentioned that she does not prefer gym or yoga. She mentioned that she keeps herself fit by running and cycling. “I think I am very delicate so I would rather go for cycling or jogging” she further added.

4. Last thing you bought under Rs. 100?

“I bought a samosa today, I was really craving for a samosa” she said. She revealed that she was on a strict diet for the past 15 days and decided to treat herself to the food she loves after completing her diet.

5. On a date, would you go for beer and chakna or coffee? 

Poulomi said that she would not opt for a beer on her first date as she would not want to show the person her ‘crazy side’ on the very first date. She would rather be sober.


6. Last time you used public transport? 

She mentioned that she loves to travel using public transport. She revealed that she does not know how to drive and because her driver is also not available as of now, she has to opt for public transport. “I use it every day, I love autos”, she said.

7. One thing you will never leave your home without? 

She mentioned that she mandatorily carries a mask and jokingly said that without a mask in Mumbai, a 200 Rs. fine has to be paid so she never leaves without her mask. She also carries her phone and wallet without fail.

8. One thing that you get angry about? 

She jokingly said that she has a ‘list of things’ that make her angry but later mentioned that she gets very annoyed when work-related things are not properly scheduled as she likes to have everything planned.

9. One bad habit no one knows about?

She revealed that she loses her appetite when she is under a lot of stress and tends to purge out whatever she has eaten under stress. She has been dealing with this ever since she was a kid.

10. Last lie you ever said?

She bought a very expensive bag and lied to her mother about the price of the bag. She told her that it cost only about Rs. 2000 even though it was a lot more expensive than that.

11. What is your cheat meal like?

“I love biriyani, pizza, samosa, and cold drinks”, she said. She also mentioned that her go-to drinks are gin and tonic or wine.

12. What is your idea of a perfect date?

She said that she is an ‘old soul’ and would want to go to a place where she can have a nice conversation with her date. She mentioned that she likes dining dates where it is not too loud and she can talk to her date and get to know him better.

13.What is the best comment you have received on social media?

She shared that a user commented asking if her name ‘kala’ on Paurashpur is a bit racist to which she said it is ‘kala’ and not ‘kaala’ (black), so it is not racist.

14. What is the worst comment you have received on social media?

She believes that social media is like a vulture and mentioned that she has a motto to delete negative comments on social media. “If in any picture I look slightly fairer than what I really am, a lot of people comment saying I don’t like my skin,” she said and added that it is important to take such comments ‘very lightly’ for the sake of mental health.

15. What is your take on fairness creams? 

She mentioned that she absolutely does not support any brand that makes fairness creams. She mentioned that fairness creams that claim to lighten up the skin are a myth and she does not endorse them. “For me fairness creams are absolutely good for nothing, they do not change anything in your skin” she added.

16. What is your favourite holiday destination?

She shared that she loves Santorini and in winters, she would want to visit Finland to watch the northern lights.

17. What would you never do in a relationship?

She initially joked around saying that she does not know whether she will ever be in a relationship or not but later added that she would never lie to her partner. She also mentioned that there are a lot of ‘boundaries’ in relationships and that she does not wish to be in one right now.

18. Which is your favorite quote? 

“Work hard until your idol becomes your rival”, she said

19. Life in one word?


20. Celeb you want to get stuck on an island with?

She mentioned that she would like getting stuck with Chris Evans on an island for more than a year.

21. Your favourite superhero?

She shared that her favourite superhero used to be batman at a time but now it is Iron Man

22. Weirdest thing you last searched on google?

She mentioned that she last searched about the Sydney virus and got scared that we might witness another outbreak.

23. Describe yourself in three words

Sassy, honest, and hardworking.

24. One thing 2020 has taught you?

She said that 2020 was all about survival and she learned that we should never take disadvantage of any situation.

25. Food or sex?

“I will go for food”, she said.

26. Love or money?


27. Beach or mountain?


28. Kissing a girl or a boy?

kissing a boy, she said.

29. Milind Soman in swimming trunks or sweatpants?

“Swimming trunks, maybe nothing but he is married”

30. One Paurashpur co-star, you wish to work with again?

Shilpa Shinde and Milind Soman

31. Favourite character from Paurashpur? 

Milind Soman

32. Have you ever dated older men?

“I have always dated an older man, I don’t date kids. I need a mature man in my life”, she said.

33. What would you change about your character?

“Nothing, my character is perfect”

34. If not an actor, then what would you be?

Speaking on her alternate career choices, Poulomi mentioned that she would be a lawyer. “I have studied law and I have a degree of law so that is what I would be” she said. She also mentioned that she would prefer being a divorce lawyer.

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