Paurashpur: 6 Reasons Why We Think Milind Soman Nails Playing A Transgender In This Period Drama

Loving Milind Soman in Paurashpur already? We list down reasons that describe why he’s the perfect choice to play Boris in this period drama #LandOfDeceit

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December 29, 2020


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Paurashpur #LandOfDeceit, ZEE5’s newest offering is a period drama. Its brilliant cast includes names like Annu Kapoor, Shilpa Shinde, Milind Soman, and Shaheer Sheikh among others. The series is about the patriarchy in a kingdom and how the women decide to rebel against it. Here, Milind Soman plays the role of a transgender named Boris. Here are six reasons why we think he is the perfect choice for this role. 

Charismatic looks, perfect body language

While playing a character out of their comfort zones, the actors need to go through many changes to make them look relatable. They need to change the way they walk, sit and also their mannerisms. Milind Soman shows us that he has gone through those changes and has mastered the perfect body language needed to play a transgender. His walk, his postures, and his charismatic looks are believable and commendable.

 Voice modulation and Dialogue delivery 

Another thing that is just as important to transform oneself into a character, is to change the way they speak. An actor needs to realize the way their character would talk, and at what pitch. In Paurashpur, we can see that Milind Soman has managed to achieve this feat. The way he delivers his dialogues, especially the one where Boris’s character is introduced, is just perfect. His voice has the calmness with firm confidence and power that is needed for his character.

His Make-up and Costume design

An actor’s job is to portray the character but that portrayal is not complete without him looking like the part. And that feat is achieved by costume designers and the make-up artists. The costumes designed for Boris’ characters, including the jewellery, and his overall look is perfectly donned by him. 

A play of expressions

Besides delivering his dialogues, another thing that will make him stand out in this role is his expressions. Milind has the ability to deliver emotions through his expressions and we bet Paurashpur will have scenes that will highlight this trait further. 

He is an experienced actor

Milind Soman has been an actor in Indian television since 1995 and in Bollywood since 2000. His acting career has been great and he has excelled in all the roles he has played. Being such an experienced actor, he is bound to excel in this role as well.

He’s a Real-Life Feminist

The show Paurashpur is about women standing up against evil men. In the show, Milind Soman’s character, Boris, is someone who has an important role in defeating misogyny. Being a feminist in his real life as well, Milind Soman could really relate to his on-screen character.

Paurashpur premiers on ZEE5 on December 29. For more updates on the show, stay tuned to ZEE5.

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