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Mithai: Here’s how things might unfold after Mithai accepts Samaresh’s challenge to improve the family business

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March 15, 2021

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With Mithai now in charge of improving the Modak family’s business, here is what might happen in the future.

Zee Bangla’s popular serial Mithai stars Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai and Adrit Roy as Siddhartha Modak in lead roles. In a recent episode, after being infuriated by Som’s behaviour, Samaresh had challenged Mithai to join the family business and improve the sales of Siddheshwar Modak’s sweets. He has given her a month’s time to do so and this might be Mithai’s only chance to prove her worth. The situation is a challenging one and here is what we think might happen next.

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Mithai might boost sales with her innovative ideas

Mithai has time and again proved that she is very good at her craft and also possesses the intellect to introduce new ideas which are needed to be constantly up-to-date with the market. Mithai, with her excellent skill and innovative ideas might succeed in increasing the profit of the business and doing what Som and Samaresh haven’t been able to do all this while. This will not only concrete Mithai’s position in the Modak household but also prove people who think that she is not a capable confectioner wrong.

Mithai in Mithai
Source: ZEE5

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Mithai might fail to improve the business

Business is a very tricky area. Although the profits depend largely on one’s hard work, luck also plays a vital role. There is a chance that Mithai might fail to improve the family business. This will not only lead to humiliation for her but also for Dadai who trusted Mithai’s skills and ideas. Samaresh, who has been waiting for a chance to prove that Mithai is not worth Siddhartha or Modak family, might not let this opportunity pass easily and might create a huge problem for her.

Samaresh in Mithai
Source: ZEE5

Som and Brotin might create problems for Mithai

For the longest time, Som has been taking care of the business for the Modak family but now Samaresh has not only relieved him of his responsibilities but also has insulted him in front of the whole family and he isn’t taking it well. Som and Brotin have been planning and plotting against the Modak family for quite some time now and with Mithai stepping into the business, they might try different ways to hinder Mithai’s success.

Som and Brotin in Mithai
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It will be interesting to see what lies in store for Mithai in the upcoming times as she steps into the new world of business and how Mithai’s actions will impact the family members of the Modak household.

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