Krishnakoli: As Radharani and Rukmini are arrested, take a look at some heinous crimes they committed in the past

Radharani and Rukmini’s list of wrongs are endless, but here’s a brief list of their most recent crimes!

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

May 13, 2021


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Krishnakoli‘s Radharani (Sreemoyee Chattoraj) and Rukmini (Sarbari Mukherjee) together are one of the most wicked mother-daughter duos you will ever come across. With Radharani being the mastermind and main culprit, and her mother, Rukmini being her helping hand, their cruelty knows no bounds. However, Shyama (Tiyasha Roy) and Nikhil (Neel Bhattacharya) have finally managed to get them their well-deserved punishment. With the police arresting the duo for their atrocious crimes, here’s a recap of their most prominent criminal activities!

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1. Kidnapping Aniruddho, twice

Radharani got Aniruddho (Raunak Dey Bhowmick) kidnapped, not once, but twice! The first time around, she hired goons to do the job, with a bigger and much worse objective in mind – to get him married to Krishna forcibly. The second time, she violently hit Aniruddho on the head with a rod, leading him to fall unconscious immediately. With the help of her evil mother, she packed him up in a sack and took him to an older godown of the Choudhurys’ family business. There, she held him, hostage, till Nikhil luckily found him recently.

Aniruddho in Krishnakoli
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2. Forcefully marrying Krishna and Aniruddho

In hopes of punishing Shyama by putting her daughter through suffering as a daughter-in-law, Radharani got a very young Krishna and Aniruddho married. She hired goons who, after kidnapping Aniruddho, forced him to marry her at a secluded temple in the village. This is one of the worst crimes one could commit!

Aniruddho and Krishna in Krishnakoli
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3. Holding Alok captive

Alok is Radharani’s father and Rukmini’s husband. Recently, when he overheard their nasty plans, they tied him up and confined him in a dark and secluded room in their house. It was heart-wrenching to witness Radharani do such a thing to her own father. They even beat him up at times, if he made too much noise.

4. Medicating Konika wrongly

Aniruddho’s mother, Konika, is physically handicapped and has been suffering from terrible health issues. However, it is Radharani and Rukmini who have constantly medicated her wrongly to keep her this way. Shyama and Nikhil already suspected it and asked Aniruddho to look into it immediately. They also believe that Konika could recover from these issues with the help of her son’s involvement in her health and medication.

Konika and Radharani in Krishnakoli
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5. Poisoning Krishna

In order to ensure Rai’s win at the singing competition, Radharani went to the extent of poisoning Krishna (Soume Chatterjee) and getting her out of the way. She hired a man to pay Krishna’s own maternal cousin brother, Gopal (Ayush Das), to poison her. This led to severe throat damage for Krishna, putting her at voice rest for a long time, let alone the mental and physical agony she endured.

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6. Cheating their way into Rai’s win

When Rai was a participant in the music reality TV show, Radharani was determined to have her win it despite her not being the best at singing. But instead of helping her daughter accept her truth, cope with it and explore other skills, Radharani chose to cheat her way to her daughter’s victory. She tried to blackmail Shyama into singing for Rai, as she lip-synced on the stage.

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7. Manipulating documentation for blackmailing

Blackmailing someone is probably not the worst thing Radharai has done. She bribed a money-lender to manipulate the terms on a loan contract for the Choudhurys’ family business. This put the entire Choudhury family at risk as the mortgage was their house. She did so, to later blackmail Shyama into making her sing for Rai, so the latter could win the singing competition!

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