Krishnakoli: With Rai, Radharani shows us how exactly to not raise a child!

Radharani’s upbringing of Rai is everything no parent should ever do and the shortcuts that she teaches Rai to opt for are proving harmful already.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

March 11, 2021



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Krishnakoli stars Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil and Tiyasha Roy as Shyama in lead roles. While Nikhil and Shyama’s daughter, Krishna, has grown up to be just as melodious a singer as her mother, Radharani’s daughter Rai does not have the best musical sense. However, Radharani continues to pull all possible strings to let Rai get her way through music and even life in general. Her motherhood simply serves as an example of what ways to never spoil your child.

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While as parents, one always wants to do the most for their child, there are certain things that remain off-limits. Providing a child with all the possible help, especially when it comes to hobbies, passions and goals is something every parent hopes to do. However, cheating their way through the inevitable hardships or hard work is not the right way to help a kid whatsoever. But, Krishnakoli’s Radharani does exactly that for Rai.

Radharani and Rai in Krishnakoli
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Time and again, Radharani has secretly made shady arrangements for her daughter and her wishes. Especially for the music competition, Radharani ensured Rai had all the luxuries available for her even at the early grooming stage of the show. From a bed to a refrigerator full of chocolates and other snacks, Rai was provided with all the privileges by her mother for the period of time she had to be away from home. Although being caring for one’s child’s needs and desires is only normal, going that far to spoil them for no reason makes for a wrong life lesson.

Rai and Rukmini in Krishnakoli
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Also, despite knowing that Rai did not possess the talent or skills that make for a good singer, Radharani was never honest about it to her. Even Radharani’s mother, Rukmini, knew of Rai’s inabilities when it came to singing and tried to confront Radharani about it. However, Radharani’s sole determination to always win at things through whatever crooked ways possible was way too overpowering. Unfortunately, this resulted in Rai realising her own inability and suffering a mental breakdown right before her performance on the show.

Rai in Krishnakoli
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Standing on the stage, facing the judges and a massive crowd brought Rai the realisation of her incompetence at singing. She panicked at this and fainted on the stage right after. Upon coming back to her senses at home, she confronted Radharani about not being honest about her musical skills. Although even Rukmini’s understanding of it was clear to Rai, Radharani did not directly admit to any of it.

Rai and others in Krishnakoli
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Instead, in a recent episode, she is seen telling Rai how she will make the required arrangements for her to win the show just by lip-syncing, which is simply outrageous and astounding. If parents raise their child to cheat their way through life from such an early age, you can only imagine how the latter will further grow up to be. Radharani’s way of bringing Rai up is everything that no other parents should ever do and we hope she realises it at the earliest for Rai’s long-term prosperity.

Rai, Radharani and Rukmini in Krishnakoli
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