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Celebrating the two sudden weddings in Krishnakoli and Aparajita Apu that got fans rather delighted!

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

April 20, 2021

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We are simply loving the union of Apu-Dipu and Krishna-Aniruddho, following their absolutely unexpected nuptials recently.

Two extremely unexpected weddings took place on Zee Bangla very recently. While Aparajita Apu’s Dipu was set to marry someone else, in a series of weird events, Apu ended up being his bride. On the other hand, a very young Krishna and Aniruddho from Krishnakoli got hitched in a forceful marriage ceremony by the latter’s kidnappers. While we did not see either of these two nuptials coming our way, we are rather excited for our newest favourite couples to have officially united.

Watch what will happen next on Krishnakoli here:

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Apu and Dipu

Aparajita Apu‘s Dipu had agreed and was set to marry Monalisa Dutta, who was the girl of his mother’s choice. However, upon finding out about Monalisa’s affair, Apu took it upon herself to save Dipu from a deceitful marriage. Not only did she help Monalisa elope with her lover, but she also volunteered to be Dipu’s bride to prevent him from becoming logno bhroshto. After a long and tension-filled debate amongst everyone present at the venue, Apu and Dipu finally tied the knot.

Dipu and Apu in Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

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Although many of Apu and Dipu’s family members were completely against this unplanned wedding, we were always rooting for them to end up together. We had almost given up on the idea of them being a couple as well, but the twist in the tale sure made us super happy! Therefore, their marriage was a pleasant surprise, to say the least.

Krishna and Aniruddho

Krishnakoli‘s Aniruddho was recently kidnapped by the village goons whom Radharani had hired. Wanting to torture Krishna after turning her into her own daughter-in-law as her revenge on Nikhil and Shyama, Radharani succeeded at getting her wedded to Aniruddho forcefully. The goons got Aniruddho and Krishna to marry at gunpoint in a remotely located temple in the village.

Aniruddho and Krishna in Krishnakoli
Source: ZEE5

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While Radharani has wicked intentions towards the innocent Krishna, we are delighted to see her become Aniruddho’s wife. His liking for her has been evident and it is only a while before Krishna realises her feelings for Aniruddho too. Although young, both of them have very mature personalities and are morally good individuals.

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