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Mother’s Day 2021: Mithai, Apu and others who can be doting mothers with their motherly characteristics

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

May 7, 2021

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Here’s why we think our beautiful and young leading ladies like Rimli, Krishna and others would be great mothers!

Mothers possess certain characteristics that help them raise their children in the best possible way. While a few of our favourite leading ladies such as the youthful Apu and the chirpy Mithai do not have kids yet, we think they already have the potential to be amazing mothers! Not only them, but even our young little Krishna and the strong-willed Rimli are no less of nurturers and will surely be brilliant mothers someday. Here are a few evident traits of these four leading ladies that make us believe so.

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1. Mithai’s protectiveness and helpfulness

Mithai is a hands-on person at most things. She never hesitates to offer help or even take over tough tasks. Thus, we believe that she will always be ready to jump to her child’s rescue when she has one herself. Whether it is within her knowledge or not, Mithai will do her best at helping her children. Additionally, she is also a very protective family member, so we can only imagine how much she will always look out for her own kids! From Sandip to Siddhartha to Dadai, Mithai protects everyone and will do so for her child/children too.

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2. Apu’s honesty and care

Growing up, we were always told that honesty is the best policy and Aparajita Apu‘s Apu seems to have it engraved in her mind. She is one of the most honest people amongst everyone that she is surrounded by in life and would surely pass on this attribute to her kids as well. Apu is also a very loving and caring person, who wants the best for her loved ones. We are sure her potential children would be blessed to have a mother who teaches them good practices while also nurturing them the most.

Apu in Aparajita Apu
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3. Krishna’s understanding nature

Krishnakoli‘s Krishna is a super calm and composed young lady. She is very accepting of people and circumstances, which means she would always be very understanding of her children, especially during the delicate and rebellious teenage years of their life. Krishna has led a very simple life and put in a lot of hard work to support Shyama when the latter had no memory of the past for 18 years. Thus Krishna sure knows how to survive the struggles of life without complaining. And imparting such qualities of adaptiveness and hard work will definitely raise incredibly beautiful children.

Krishna in Krishnakoli
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4. Rimli’s hard work and ambitions

Rimli is an exceptionally hard-working village girl with big ambitions in life. Her unbroken zest to achieve her goals and grow from the tests that life puts her through is undeniably inspirational. So we can attest to the fact that she will give her own children such an upbringing that will shape them to become very determined individuals who do not give up. Rimli‘s children would be instilled with the inner strength and courage she possesses.

Source: ZEE5

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