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Jamuna Dhaki: Laltu has a lot to learn from Sangeet when it comes to becoming a better person

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March 10, 2021

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We hope Krishna’s husband Laltu learns a few virtues from Sangeet in order to become a better human being as well as a better husband.

Zee Bangla’s popular serial Jamuna Dhaki stars Sweta Bhattacharya as Jamuna and Rubel Das as Sangeet in lead roles. Jamuna chose the unique profession of a dhaki and fought against everyone who told her not to pursue her dreams. Sangeet also always supported Jamuna and has been an ideal husband to her. On the other hand, Jamuna’s sister Krishna’s husband Laltu’s personality is the polar opposite to that of Sangeet. We think Laltu can learn many lessons from Sangeet and can work on his personality.

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Sangeet has always been a courageous man. Whether it is fighting with goons in order to protect his wife or standing up against his family members in support of Jamuna, Sangeet has done it all. He has always tried his level best to protect his loved ones from danger even if that meant putting his own life in danger. Laltu, on the other hand, does not even have an ounce of courage in him. He is a cowardly man who always tries to use his wife as a guard in difficult circumstances.

Sangeet in Jamuna Dhaki
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An advocate of truth

When it comes to standing up for the truth, Sangeet and Laltu are two different sides of the coin. While Sangeet always stands up against those who call for injustice, Laltu has time and again taken the side of the evil. Sangeet has stood up against his own aunt and ex-lover when they tried to lie about Jamuna’s actions, whereas Laltu has always taken the support of lies in order to make his life easier. He not only lies but pushes other people to do so too. He was the one who compelled Krishna to lie about Jamuna’s kidnapping in order to succeed in his plan. Standing up for the truth will be a tough task for Laltu.

Laltu in Jamuna Dhaki
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Respect for women

Sangeet is a modern educated man who knows that women are to be respected and loved. He not only respects Jamuna and the other women around him but also respects their dreams and aspirations and empowers them to follow their ambition. Laltu has no such moral. Instead of respecting Krishna, he was the one who gave her to Bhushan on his wedding night in exchange of some money. We hope he learns his lesson and treats Krishna with respect in the future.

Sangeet in Jamuna Dhaki
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Caring nature

Sangeet is a very caring and loving husband to Jamuna. He has always taken care of the smallest of her wishes and has always tried to make her happy, whereas Laltu only cares about money. When a man can leave his wife on his wedding night for money, it is quite evident that his love for money knows no boundary. Even after Bhushan exploited Krishna, Laltu did not care about her. When Jamuna and Sangeet asked him to get back home to Krishna, he said he will do so only in exchange of money. Well, we wish to never come across anyone like Laltu in our lives.

Laltu in Jamuna Dhaki
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A husband is responsible for taking care of his wife and Sangeet knows this well. He has always fulfilled all his responsibilities towards Jamuna and her family. Along with being a perfect husband, he has also been an ideal son-in-law. He has helped Jamuna’s family both financially and emotionally. We cannot say the same about Laltu. Instead of helping his in-laws, he has always tried to extort money and favours from them and has never supported Krishna when she needed help. We hope he draws inspiration from Sangeet and becomes responsible.

Sangeet in Jamuna Dhaki
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