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Jamuna Dhaki: How is the Choudhury family going to react to Arya’s crooked plans of winning Sangeet?

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 12, 2021

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On Jamuna Dhaki, Arya’s plans to get Jamuna murdered and replace her in the Ray family has gotten us endlessly wondering how the family will react to the matter!

Jamuna Dhaki, a popular television show, stars Sweta Bhattacharya as Jamuna and Rubel Das as Sangeet in the lead roles. Although Jamuna and Sangeet managed to keep Arya at safe distance despite living under the same roof, she has new plans up her sleeves. While Jamuna went away to the village, Arya conspired to get her killed and replace her in the Ray household. We can only wonder how the Ray family will tackle the issue this time.

Watch what recently happened on Jamuna Dhaki here:

A shock for Anuradha and Sangeet’s grandmother

The first ones to find out about Arya’s evil intents were Anuradha and Sangeet’s grandmother, this time. Needless to say, both of them were absolutely shocked to hear what Arya has to say about her plans. As she announced that Jamuna will never return to the house again, Anuradha was startled at the level of mania Arya was attaining. Her obsession with Sangeet and the idea of marrying him simply took over her sanity and it has been worsening with each passing day.

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Will Sangeet be enraged?

Sangeet, who has made it clear to Arya time and again, that he loves Jamuna and not her, might be enraged at this too. Seeing Arya dressed in Jamuna’s saree, trying to replace her, is sure to make him lose his calm. A rather polite and placid Sangeet might not be able to tolerate more of Arya’s lunatic behaviour and have her kicked out of the Ray household too.

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To fight or to leave?

We can only wonder how horrified Jamuna will be at the realisation of being pushed to the jaws of death due to her love for Sangeet. A strong woman, Jamuna, might fight Arya and get rid of her. Or she might just be too tired of her insane actions and leave the Ray household for good.

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Sangeet’s cousin’s promise to Arya

On the other hand, we saw in a recent spoiler that Sangeet’s cousin, who despises Jamuna, asked Arya to wait for Sangeet’s return. Arya was determined to wear the vermillion of Sangeet’s name and declare herself his wife. However, his cousin promised her to wait till he came and filled her forehead with it himself. A hidden enemy in the family is not fun, is it? We wonder how Sangeet will react if he finds out about her promise.

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How will Kedar Ray react?

Kedar Ray’s reaction to this situation is something we are highly anticipating at the moment. A man of his words and the head of the family, he runs the household under his power. He has also grown extremely fond of Jamuna of late. So when he finds out about Arya’s disastrous plan to get his beloved daughter-in-law killed, he might be furious beyond our imagination.

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