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Jamuna Dhaki: With Jamuna stuck at a mental hospital, how will things unfold?

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March 6, 2021

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With Jamuna kidnapped and confined in a mental hospital and Arya taking the reigns of Ray household, here is what can happen next.

Zee Bangla’s popular serial Jamuna Dhaki stars Sweta Bhattacharya as Jamuna and Rubel Das as Sangeet in the lead roles. In the recent episodes of Jamuna Dhaki, we see that Bhushan, Laltu, Arya and Ragini have all joined hands and are trying to separate Jamuna from Sangeet. Bhushan and Laltu kidnap Jamuna and beat her till they break one of her hands. They keep her captive for some time and then transfer her to a mental hospital where she is being tortured and is kept against her will. As the situation seems really difficult and no one knows how Jamuna can possibly get rid of it, what might happen next?

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Jamuna might escape from the hospital

Jamuna in Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

In the past, we have seen Jamuna face many obstacles in her life and come out of them thanks to her smartness and strong willpower. This time might also be the same. Jamuna might find a way to escape from the captivity of the mental hospital and manage to contact any member of the Ray family in order to get some help.

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Arya might compel Sangeet to marry her

Arya‘s obsession with Sangeet has only increased with time, and it has now reached a stage of insanity. She wants to be Sangeet’s wife and has gone to many lengths in order to keep Jamuna away from Sangeet’s life. Now is a golden opportunity for Arya to fulfill her dreams of being the daughter-in-law of the Ray family. She was seen drugging Sangeet in the previous episodes so that he cannot make any attempts to find Jamuna. With a prolonged absence of Jamuna from Sangeet’s life, Arya might compel Sangeet to stop looking for his wife and ultimately take the place of Jamuna.

Arya in Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

Laltu might exploit Krishna 

Jamuna has always been a shield for her sister Krishna and has helped her in many difficult situations. Krishna’s husband Laltu is a man who has always exploited the family for money. He might just do it again. Krishna, in order to save her sister, will comply with anything that Laltu wishes for. With the promise of Jamuna’s freedom, Laltu might exploit his wife for money and much more.

Laltu in Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

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It will be interesting to see how the story develops in the near future and what all the twists and turns lead to. Will Jamuna reunite with Sangeet or will Arya succeed in replacing Jamuna?

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