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Zee Bangla Sonar Sansar Awards 2021: Karna-Radhika or Jamuna-Sangeet, which is your favourite juti?

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February 16, 2021

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Among so many well-deserving on-screen couples, who do you think has the potential to take the award home at Zee Bangla Sonar Sansar Awards 2021?

The Zee Bangla Sonar Sansar Awards 2021 are just around the corner and the voting poles for different categories are open now. All your favorite protagonists, antagonists, and couples are competing to be winners. So, did Karna and Radhika’s passionate love story strike a chord, or did Jamuna and Sangeet’s playful teasing remind you of your childhood love?

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Karna and Radhika of Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay have had a challenging love story. They have stood the test of time and proved their love and loyalty for each other time and again. Essayed by Swastika Dutta and Krushal Ahuja, Radhika and Karna make for a mature pair. They might not be very vocal about their love, but they confess their love through small everyday actions. Even during major conflicts, they have proven to be pillars of strength for each other.

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Alo Chaaya‘s Akash (played by Arnab Banerjee)  is a compassionate, intellectual, and kind-hearted soul, and that is why he is a perfect match for Alo (played by Debadrita Basu). Together they give major couple goals because they are supportive and protective of each other. Their fight for justice and truth makes them an ideal couple.


Jamuna Dhaki‘s Sangeet and Jamuna together are a very outspoken romantic couple. In a recent episode of Valentine’s Day, we saw Sangeet shower Jamuna with rose petals and even romance with her on a song. Sangeet (played by Rubel Das) has always been a very supportive husband who respects his wife for what she is. Jamuna (portrayed by Sweta Bhattacharya) also has won the hearts of Sangeet’s family members and has stood strong beside her husband. Although the couple is facing a major conflict at the moment, we are sure they will overcome the hiccups and continue to give us couple goals.

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Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni‘s Mathura Mohan Biswas (portrayed by Gourab Chatterjee) was a man way ahead of his time and Jagadomba (played by Roshni Bhattacharya) was a strong pillar of support for her husband and his modern thinking. Mathur Babu embraced Jagadomba’s family and helped Rani Maa in serving the society.


Krishnokoli‘s Shyama and Nikhil have been very faithful towards each other. In a recent episode, we see our favorite couple reunite after 18 years. While Shyama (essayed by Tiyasha Roy) was absent from his life, Nikhil (played by Neel Bhattacharya) faithfully waited for her while taking care of the family. Love always seems to find a way out, and it is no exception for Shyama and Nikhil.

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Soudaminir Sansar‘s Shankar (played by Adhiraj Ganguly) and Soudamini (played by Sushmili Acharjya) are a match made in heaven. They are both kind, humble and intellectual. They walk past all the difficulties with the help of each other and provide their partner with the strength to walk on the path of truth.


Phiirki‘s Niladri (Shayan Mukherjee) is a very supportive husband to Phirki (Sampriti Podaar). He has always stood up for her against the evil members of his family. She too has shown her appreciation through different small actions. They together stand strong to protect their loved ones.

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So what are you waiting for? To make your favourite juti emerge as the winner of the Zee Bangla Sonar Sansar Awards 2021, vote now!

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