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Tea Or Coffee: 11 Celebrities Reveal Their Favourite Beverage

Vatsal Thakore

June 18, 2021

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Pankaj Tripathi, PriyaMani, and 9 other celebrities reveal which hot beverage they prefer – tea or coffee.

The world finds itself divided by a lot of things – Barca or Madrid, DC or Marvel, Android or iOS, and whatnot! But the one thing that divides the world the most, is the group of people who take sides on which energizing drink they prefer – tea or coffee? And this debate can get a lot heated. If you too find yourself in such debates, maybe the preferences of these celebrities might help you win! Here are 11 celebrities who share which drink they prefer to energize them for the day.


Pankaj Tripathi

Source: Zee

Pankaj Tripathi, who we recently saw in the film Kaagaz, shared that he loves homemade tea. “A good adrak (ginger) chai prepared at home,” he says.

Nia Sharma

Source: Nia Sharma Instagram

Nia Sharma, the Jamai 2.0 actress, when asked the question, immediately answered – ‘black coffee’ – without a second of thought.

Girish Kulkarni

A still from Faster Fene
Source: ZEE5

Girish Kulkarni, who will soon be seen in the upcoming ZEE5 show, Sunflower, proudly said that he always prefers tea.

Ira Dubey

Source: Ira Dubey Instagram

Ira Dubey, who is the host of the talk show, A Table For Two, shared that she prefers coffee.

Rahul Dev

Source: Rahul Dev Instagram

The Operation Parindey actor shared that he prefers coffee, and added that he prefers one specific type of coffee, which is espresso.

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Mona Singh

Source: Mona Singh Instagram

The Black Widows actress revealed that she recently switched parties – she said that she used to like tea before her marriage but now likes coffee more. Mona Singh shared, “Before marriage, my mom used to make tea for me and I used to get bed tea. I loved it. But since my husband is a South Indian, he prefers coffee. So I’m also liking it and I’m more into black coffee.”

Annup Sonii

Source: Annup Sonii Instagram

The Raat Baaki Hai actor takes a middle road – he shared that he usually prefers tea but when he needs to be more diet conscious, he shifts to black coffee.


Source: Priya Mani Instagram

Priyamani, who recently starred in His Storyy, also picked two specific types of coffee – South Indian filter coffee and black coffee.

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Sushant Singh

Source: Sushant Singh Instagram

The Jeet Ki Zid actor Sushant Singh also takes a middle road – he said that he prefers black coffee in the morning and tea in the evening.

Saumya Tandon

Saumya Tandon
Source: Saumya Tandon Instagram

Saumya Tandon is another actor who takes the middle road – she said that she prefers coffee when she is travelling and chamomile tea when she needs to relieve stress.

Ravi Dubey

Source: Ravi Dubey Instagram

Holding a coffee mug in his hand, Ravi Dubey said that he loves coffee and consumes it all the time, throughout the day. After sharing his love for black coffee, he also shared that he now needs to control his caffeine intake.

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