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Saumya Tandon Shows Her Fun Side And Reveals A Few Secrets In This Rapid Fire Segment Unboxed With ZEE5

Aditi Sharma

February 2, 2021

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Did you know Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai star Saumya Tandon can eat a half kg cake all by herself or that she loves to write?

Saumya Tandon gained major recognition with her role as Anita Ji in the show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai. The actor has always wooed her fans with her charming looks and gorgeous personality. Recently, we had a fun conversation with Saumya Tandon about her personal life. From talking about her guilty pleasure to selecting her most memorable scene from the show, Saumya dropped some interesting insights about her personal life. Take a look.

1.Are you a morning person or a night person?

She said she’s a morning person.

2.Tea or Coffee?

Neither. Saumya Tandon said that she prefers coffee when she is travelling. She also mentioned that she prefers chamomile tea to relieve stress. The actor added that she is more of a buttermilk or lemonade kind of person.

3. Gym or Yoga?

Saumya Tandon said that she loves yoga and pilates. The actor mentioned that she hates gyming and therefore she likes to keep herself fit by doing pilates.

4. What is your idea of a perfect date?

Saumya Tandon mentioned that her idea of a perfect date would be a good conversation at any good place.

5. Last thing you bought under Rs. 100?

The Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai star revealed that the last thing she bought under Rs.100 was ‘Nutties’ which she usually takes from her residence building’s wending machine after her walk.

6.Last time you used public transport? 

Tandon said that she does not remember when she last used a public transport however, once she along with her unit travelled in a local train in Mumbai. She added that it was a great experience and people who recognised her also made her feel really special.

7.One thing you will never leave your home without? 

She said it would be her phone.

8.One thing that you get angry about? 

Saumya Tandon mentioned that she hates when husbands don’t behave right with their wives. She added that domestic violence makes her angry and she cannot withstand it.

9.One bad habit no one knows about?

The actor revealed that she has a very bad sweet tooth. She added that she cannot stay away from sweets and even if she sees someone eating sweet, she starts to crave for it.

10.Have you ever used your star status to get away?

Saumya Tandon revealed that she hates doing so instead she prefers staying away from that status when she is with her friends. Tandon also described an incident where once she was on a flight and she called herself Saumya Tandon’s sister so that she could travel freely and not get judged for sleeping with her mouth open.

11. What is your cheat meal like?

The star enthusiastically replied that she would love to eat a half kg cake all by herself. Talking about her love for sweets, Saumya Tandon also revealed that she was called an ‘ant’ in her childhood as she used to it so many sweets and desserts. She added that during her birthdays, she used to hide a cake under her bed and eat it later.

12.What is the worst comment you have received on social media?

She revealed that a girl threatened her during the lockdown and also made mean comments on her body and face. Tandon added that she decided to take a step against her when she saw a lot of hate posts from that girl. The actor complained to the cyber cell but eventually let go of her as she didn’t want to give attention to the haters.

13.What is your favourite holiday destination?

She named London as her favourite holiday destination.

14. Which is your favourite quote? 

“True magnanimity never lies in falling, it lies in rising when you fall”.

15. Life in one word?

She believes life is a journey.

16. Celeb you want to get stuck on an island with?

Saumya refused to answer that, instead, she gave the name of a favourite superhero she would love to rescue her from the abandoned island. She revealed that the superhero would be Hulk.

17.Weirdest thing you last searched on Google?

Saumya Tandon mentioned that she recently brought a dress which has a stain so therefore she watched a lot of videos to remove it.

18. Describe yourself in three words

Strong head with a soft heart.

19. Texting or talking?


20.Love or money?


21. Beer or wine?


22. Vibhuti or Tiwari?


23. One co-star you would like to work again

Saumya mentioned that one co-star she would love to work with again would be Aasif Sheikh. Aasif Sheikh plays the role of Vibhuti in Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai.

24. Your most memorable scene from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Tandon described her most memorable scene from the show. She said that when Happu Singh met Anita for the first time, he naturally spoke ‘Gori mem’ as he was stunned by her beauty. Later, the Gori mem idea was picked up by the makers and was added to the script.

25. If not an actor, what would you be?

Saumya revealed that she loves to write and therefore she would have been a writer. The actor also added that she has written a short film recently.

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