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Arunoday Singh Reveals 30 Lesser Known Facts About Him In This Exclusive Conversation On Unboxed With ZEE5

Vatsal Thakore

February 3, 2021

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Arunoday Singh, who stars in Chargesheet and Lahore Confidential, shares some of the most unknown facts about him in this exclusive conversation with ZEE5.

Today we interviewed Arunoday Singh, who is a brilliant actor and a solid performer. Before making his place prominent in the Hindi film industry, Arunoday Singh was a theatre artist. He has appeared in big Bollywood hits like Main Tera Hero, Aisha and Buddha In A Traffic Jam. In his digital career, he starred in the show Chargesheet and is now all set to star in the new ZEE5 Original film, Lahore Confidential. We got in touch with this amazing actor to know some unknown facts about him and his experience while working with ZEE5. Read on to know what he shared.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Arunoday Singh said that he is a night person, following which, he also said that he doesn’t sleep much and wakes up early, which makes him an ‘all-day person’.

Your favourite song for your day?

He said that his favourite song is ‘What a Day’, by Ben Howard.

Tea or coffee?

The actor said that he loves and lives on coffee.

Gym or yoga?

Arunoday said that he prefers both and does both gym and yoga, alternatively.

What was the last thing that you bought under Rs 100?

“A couple of mango candies, for Rs 2,” Arunoday Singh said.

When was the last time you used public transport?

Arunoday said that he had recently travelled in a rickshaw.


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One thing you never leave home without?

The actor said that he never leaves without his iPod. When asked about his mask, he said, “COVID and masks come and go, music is forever.”

One thing that makes you angry?

The Chargesheet actor said that bullies make him angry.

Have you ever used your star status to get away?

Arunoday said, “Every now and then when a traffic cop pulls me over, for some reason I don’t know, because I think I drive well. But when they do, I smile at them and they smile at me and let me go.”

What was the last lie that you said?

He said that very recently he said, “It’s nice to meet you,” to someone, which was a lie.

What is your cheat meal?

The actor said that for his cheat meal, he eats ‘pizza for lunch, a burger for dinner, and a butterscotch Cornetto ice cream in the evening.’

What is your idea of a perfect date?

Arunoday shared that his perfect date would be anywhere close to an ocean and a place where he and his date can dance. He said that ‘Mumbai oceans’ don’t count, because he prefers oceans he can swim in.

The actor revealed that he performs his own stunts. So we asked him what was the best stunt he had done.

He answered that very recently, he had lifted a 110 kg man about 15 times on his shoulders (as the scene needed 15 takes).

The best comment that you received on social media that you received?

Arunoday Singh, who also writes poems, said, “Somebody once told me on social media that a poem I wrote had gotten them through a very dark time and that felt like the sweetest thing.”

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The worst comment that you received on social media?

He casually said that there wasn’t a particularly bad comment but just the usual mean things that people say, like ‘you suck’, ‘you’re ugly’, ‘you can’t act’, etc.

Your favourite holiday destination?

The actor said that his favourite holiday destination would be Italy because there are many things that he can and likes to do there.

In a relationship, you will never _?

“Cheat,” said Arunoday.

Will you do whatever it takes for love, like in Lahore Confidential?

To this, he answered, “Any love that asks you to do whatever it takes, is asking too much. Trust me, I know.”

What is the one thing you won’t do for love?

Arunoday said that he would not betray himself for love.

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Life in one word?

“Blessing,” he said.

If not an actor, what would you be?

Arunoday said that he would be a singer or a musician.

One celebrity that you would like to get stuck on an island with?

Arunoday shared that he would like to get stuck with Stephen Fry because he is the most interesting person he knows.

Favourite superhero?

The Lahore Confidential actor said that his favourite superhero is Batman.


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What was the last thing that you searched on Google?

He said that he had searched for a mechanic website because his car was making a weird noise.

Your biggest regret?

Arunoday shared that his biggest regret is not learning guitar at a young age. He said, “If you learn something at a young age, you have a different connection with it.”

What do you think is the most searched thing about you on google?

He guessed that the most searched thing about him on Google would be his height, which is true.

One thing you’re guilty of?

“Procrastination and having too many packets of chips in my cupboard,” shared Arunoday.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

He said that the three words would be ‘carefree, careless, and caring’.’

Text or talk?

“Talking, I hate texting,” he said.

Love or money?

To this, Arunoday said that he would choose love.

Food or sex?

The actor said that he would choose ‘food after sex’.

Chargesheet or Lahore Confidential?

“Both!” Arunoday said.

One Lahore Confidential co-star you would want to work with again?

He said that he would like to work with both Karishma Tanna and Richa Chadha again.

 Most challenging scene to shoot in Lahore Confidential?

The actor said that for him the toughest scene to shoot was a lovemaking scene. He also said that those scenes are always challenging to shoot.

If you were a spy what would you like to find out about Richa Chadha?

He said, “Nothing! Richa Chadha is lovely. There are many other evil people I would rather spy on.”

Richa Chadha and Arunoday Singh
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How has your experience been working with ZEE5?

Arunoday said that he has grown very fond of everyone that he met in ZEE5. He said, “They are all lovely people and they choose really good projects. They are happy and like doing their jobs. That’s all an actor wants, to be with producers who like producing films, and filmmakers who like making films.”

Until Lahore Confidential arrives, watch Arunoday Singh’s brilliant performance in the show Chargesheet on ZEE5.

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