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Shubho Noboborsho 1428: Mithai-Siddhartha, Krishna-Munni and other pairs who need to leave the bitterness behind

Debanjali Kabiraj

April 7, 2021

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Check out the characters that we think should forget their past grudges and reconcile to build a better future this Noboborsho.

Noboborsho is a happy occasion where everyone comes together to celebrate the beginning of a new year and new relations. In Zee Bangla’s shows, there have been many characters who do not get along very well with each other. This Noboborsho, they can let go of their bitter past and reconcile to create a harmonious and happy future. Here are some of the characters who can give up their enmity and can improve their relationships.

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Rajanya and Jamuna

Rajanya has been a source of constant problem for Jamuna in Jamuna Dhaki. Rajanya, along with her mother and Arya, has tried numerous times to create hurdles in Jamuna’s life and separate her from the Ray family. Rajanya has always looked down upon Jamuna because the latter belongs to a different social and financial background. In the past, she was seen making nasty moves numerous times, in order to ruin Jamuna’s reputation in the eyes of the members of Ray household. Rajanya should understand that her actions do not make sense, and aren’t taking her anywhere. It is about time she let go of this baseless bitterness against her sister-in-law and be open to the beautiful bond that sisters-in-law can share if they want to.

Jamuna and Rajanya in Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

Siddhartha and Mithai

Siddhartha and Mithai have always locked horns and have been in constant conflicts with each other since the beginning. Siddhartha and Mithai got married due to unavoidable circumstances and their relationship has been rocky since then. Siddhartha has always regarded Mithai as someone who does not fit his lifestyle and whom he got married to just for the sake of his grandfather. Just recently, we witnessed how he insulted Mithai when they went to stay in a hotel at the invitation of Siddhartha’s boss. Mithai mistook the swimming pool for a pond and tried to draw water in order to take bath. This wasn’t the first time Siddhartha lashed out at Mithai for her foolishness, but he should understand that Mithai is just naive to the kind of lifestyle he has. We are eagerly waiting for these two to work their marriage out because they indeed are made for each other!

Siddhartha and Mithai in Mithai
Source: ZEE5

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Munni and Krishna

Krishnakoli’s Munni has been a problem creator for Krishna and her mother Shyama. Munni has tried her hand at almost every scheme to make life difficult for Krishna. Munni has hated Krishna for being accepted as a part of the Choudhury family and she even went to the extent of spiking Krishna’s drink with alcohol so that she gets embarrassed in front of all the guests and family members. We hope this Noboborsho Munni lets go of her grudges against Krishna and starts seeing the good in her and accepts her as her own sister.

Munni and Krishna in Krishnakoli
Source: ZEE5

Sankalpa and Turno

Jibon Saathi‘s Sankalpa and Turno have had conflicts for quite some time now. After Sankalpa shot Turno and arrested him in relation to the illegal substance case, Turno and Sankalpa do not get along at all. The two have got into heated arguments more times than we can count and it only seems to get worse. This Noboborsho, Turno and Sankalpa both should realise that they should not fight against each other but instead, join hands in order to reveal Koushani and Subhash’s true nature and Koushani’s involvement in the illegal substance case.

Turno and Sankalpa in Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

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Rani Maa and Padma

Rani Rashmoni‘s Rani Maa and Padma are not really enemies, but they are rarely on the same page about most decisions that Rani Maa takes. Padma is often seen engaging in arguments with her mother and opposing Rani Maa’s decisions. When Rani Maa decided to get Kamala married to Raghob, Padma showed a lot of resistance towards Rani Maa’s decision and even tried to make Kamala disappear before the marriage. We hope Padma understands that Rani Maa has always taken decisions that are for the well-being of her family and the decisions are based on a lot of experience and thought. So she should support her mother’s decisions and help in every way possible to execute them.

Rani Maa and Padma in Rani Rashmoni
Source: ZEE5

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