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Mithai: 5 times Siddhartha’s behaviour towards Mithai was outright unacceptable

Debanjali Kabiraj

March 27, 2021

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Siddhartha has not been an ideal husband since the beginning only, but here are a few instances when his actions and behaviour towards Mithai were extremely inappropriate.

Zee Bangla’s popular serial Mithai stars Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai and Adrit Roy as Siddhartha Modak in the lead roles. Siddhartha and Mithai got married under difficult circumstances and their marriage is yet to hit the right chords. Siddhartha has not really been an ideal husband to Mithai and his actions are proof of that. He has misbehaved with her in many instances, which isn’t what any wife deserves. However, here are five times when we thought Sid was unacceptably rude towards Mithai.

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Siddhartha gets angry at Mithai for spilling flour on him

In one of the episodes, Mithai by mistake spills flour on Siddhartha while working in the kitchen. It was a simple mistake that anyone could make. But Siddhartha gets extremely angry at Mithai and starts yelling at her. He says that Mithai should not be allowed to enter the kitchen and asks her to get out. When Apa tries to reason with Siddhartha, he says that Mithai has been creating a nuisance in the Modak household since she started living with them. We think Siddhartha’s anger in such a petty matter was unnecessary and inappropriate.

Siddhartha and Mithai in Mithai
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Siddhartha stops Mithai from joining the family business

Mithai was challenged by Samaresh to be a part of the family business and help increase the profit of the business. While everyone in the family supports Mithai’s decision to accept the challenge, instead of encouraging her, Siddhartha tries to stop her from joining the business. Restricting one’s own wife from achieving bigger things in life seems to be very outdated and orthodox thinking and we did not expect that from Siddhartha.

Siddhartha and Mithai in Mithai
Source: ZEE5

Siddhartha ditches Mithai for the honeymoon

Recently in one of the episodes, Siddhartha’s boss tells him to go on a honeymoon with Mithai and he also arranges for their stay and expenses. On the day of departure, Siddhartha leaves Mithai behind in the Modak household and leaves for the vacation alone. Can you imagine a husband leaving his wife behind for a honeymoon and not getting bothered by her absence? It was downright wrong and we hope Siddhartha learns from his mistake and never repeats it again in the future.

Siddhartha and Mithai in Mithai
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Siddhartha does not stop Torsha’s advances

It is wrong of any man to allow another woman’s influence to hamper his married life. Siddhartha has been letting this happen ever since he got married to Mithai. Torsha has constantly interfered in the relationship of Siddhartha and Mithai and he has not stopped Torsha from doing so. On the day of their marriage, just after finishing the rituals, Siddhartha leaves Mithai and takes care of Torsha who was admitted to the hospital. Many times, Torsha has insulted Mithai for her financial status and Siddhartha has not objected against it.

Siddhartha and Torsha in Mithai
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Siddhartha sends Mithai away during phoolsojja

On the night of phoolsojja, the newlyweds are supposed to spend the night together which helps them bond well. Mithai was not fortunate enough to spend time with her husband on the phoolsojja’s night as Siddhartha restricted her from entering his room. He throws her out of his room and tells her never to come inside his room. In this helpless state, Mithai decides to spend the night on the kitchen floor.

Siddhartha and Mithai in Mithai
Source: ZEE5

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