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Krishnakoli: Here’s why Munni and Aniruddha’s match would be far from being perfect

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 4, 2021

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Aniruddho’s kindness and Munni’s cruelty do not go well together, do you agree?

Krishnakoli stars Tiyasha Roy as Shyama and Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil in lead roles. Their daughter Krishna and her sister Munni recently came across a very kind boy named Aniruddho. The meeting was rather interesting as Aniruddho appeared as a saviour when Krishna and Munni were being harassed by a group of men on the road. Although Aniruddho has taken quite a bit of interest in Krishna, Munni has felt very drawn towards him. However, we truly believe that if Munni and Aniruddho end up together romantically, it would be an absolute mismatch.

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Munni and Aniruddho belong from similar well-to-do families but are tremendously different from one another as individuals. We saw how selflessly Aniruddho helped Krishna and Munni when some boys harassed them. But one cannot imagine Munni doing something remotely similar for anyone even in their wildest dreams. Instead, she has been the type of person who has shown no sign of remorse despite causing Krishna immense harm. On the other hand, Aniruddho has a kinder heart and offered to help them in the first instance. So while Munni’s mind functions in a rather crooked manner, Aniruddho is a sweet and simple boy who does not approach life as she does.

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Aniruddho likes keeping everyone happy around him and has the purest of intentions towards everyone. We have seen how lovely and fun-loving he is with his own family. And he was just as cordial and well-behaved with the Choudhury family when he attended their new year party. He helps people when needed, is respectful towards the elderly, and is a very well-mannered boy in entirety.

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However, Munni is the complete opposite of it. She disregards people’s feelings, speaks to elders disrespectfully, and only focuses on her own needs and desires. And when those needs are not fulfilled according to her liking, she opts for the meaner ways out – bashing people or teaching them a lesson. Munni was once seen shouting at the house-maid when she failed to do something Munni had asked her to. And her habit of conspiring against Krishna is no secret. Munni even went to the extent of spiking Krishna’s beverage at the party, hoping it would cause damage to the latter’s life.

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Munni’s entitlement, jealousy, and over-possessiveness are only a few of the many things that Aniruddho seems to not possess. And needless to say, his kindness and decency are nowhere to be found in Munni. The differences in their personalities are so extreme that we are sure their pairing would do no good for anyone. Instead, it could result in a lot more trouble and cause them unhappiness. But, we do hope that they can continue being friends if nothing else.

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