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Jibon Saathi : With Koushani’s reappearance and Priyam’s factory burnt to ashes, here is what might follow

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March 16, 2021

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Find out what might happen next in Jibon Saathi with Priyam’s factory burnt and Oishani’s wedding called off due to Koushani’s reappearance.

Zee Bangla’s popular serial Jibon Saathi stars Diya Basu as Priyam, Sayan Karmakar as Sankalpa and Shrabani Bhunia as Jhelum in the lead roles. In a recent episode of Jibon Saathi, Koushani hurts Oishani and gets married to Rik. Although Rik is not ready to accept Koushani, it seems like her obsession has turned into insanity and she is trying every possible way to win over Rik. On the other hand, Priyam’s factory has been burnt to ashes by Subhash and Suparna and they framed Salankara for the incident. When Salankara tried to speak to Priyam, she is assaulted by the mob of factory workers and gets hurt. Here is what we think might happen next in Jibon Saathi.

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Koushani might try to hurt Oishani again

Koushani’s obsession with Rik has reached another level and taken the form of insanity. She has resorted to hurting her twin sister in order to become Rik’s wife. Although she has succeeded at hindering Oishani and Rik’s marriage, Rik is not ready to accept her and has repeatedly insulted her. So she might try to hurt Oishani or even kill her so that she can permanently take Oishani’s place in Rik’s life.

Oishani in Jibon Saathi
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Sankalpa might find clues against Subhash

Sankalpa has had his doubts about Subhash’s involvement in the showroom fire. He could not arrest him last time because Suparna refused to say anything against Subhash. But with his mother hurt and Priyam fighting for her factory, Sankalpa might find proof of Subhash’s involvement in the factory’s fire incident. If he does get the clues, it will be a game-changer for the Banerjee family.

Subhash in Jibon Saathi
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Koushani and Subhash might join hands

Subhash and Koushani are both extremely evil-minded and cunning and can go to any extent in order to achieve their goals. Both of them want to disturb the peace of the Banerjee household, so they might join hands in order to create chaos in the family. As Subhash is a family member, Koushani might use him in order to gain access to Oishani and Subhash might take help from Koushani to create problems for Priyam and Jhelum. It will definitely be a very problematic association for Priyam and Oishani.

Koushani in Jibon Saathi
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It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds in the future and how Jhelum and Priyam will face these complicated and hard times. Will Oishani get married to Rik at last or will Koushani’s madness cause her serious harm?

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