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Watch out for Jibon Saathi, the new Bengali TV serial coming to ZEE5 on 5 October!


October 2, 2020

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We tell you all about this exciting romantic drama on ZEE5 that will keep you hooked!

As we get ready to enter the month of October, ZEE5 gives us much to look forward to when it comes to world-class entertainment. The Bengali TV serial Jibon Saathi, a romantic drama, is one such new show coming to the platform on October 5! Here’s all you need to know about Jibon Saathi as you wait for its release. Read on!

Meanwhile, watch an episode from the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Phirki below:

Jibon Saathi is a riveting show full of romance and drama. It blends love, and the determination of an ordinary looking woman called Priyam, to succeed in life. Jibon Saathi is about Priyam, the lead character, who gets married off to a man called Turno, who was previously in love with her older, more beautiful sister. She struggles to win him over and pursue her professional goals at the same time, and Jibon Saathi follows her tale.

Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

As fate would have it, Priyam has to marry Turno, the son of a successful businesswoman in the fashion industry, because of her father’s wishes. However, Turno only has eyes for Jhelum, Priyam’s elder sister, who in turn gets married off to  Shankalpo, a man from a much more humble background. Priyam is determined to win over her husband despite all odds. She has a warm and charming personality, and a heart of gold. However, just as she makes a breakthrough in her relationship with Turno, Jhelum’s husband passes away, and she comes to live with Priyam and Turno. Of course, this makes matters all the more difficult for Priyam, and we get to see how she deals with the hand that life has dealt her. Will she keep her marriage together? Or will her life continue to be fuelled by drama and misfortune?

Are you excited to watchJibon Saathi from October 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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