Monday Motivation: Priyam from the latest Bangla TV serial Jibon Saathi shows us how to channel our inner strength and beauty

Beauty lies but in the eyes of the beholder! Get inspired and tap into your inner beauty the way Priyam does.


October 12, 2020


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In the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Jibon Saathi, the lead character Priyam (played by Diya Basu) is a gorgeous young woman– but not in the conventional sense. Most of our society would consider her to be rather plain, with her round eyes and crooked teeth. In fact, she receives a lot of judgement and flak for not being as beautiful as her older sister, Jhelum (played by Shrabani Bhunia). People compare the two sisters with each other– but only in extremely superficial ways. Despite this, Priyam is the central character of Jibon Saathi for a reason. She has the strength of her personality and good nature, and this is what will take her far in life.

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Priyam is the most vibrant personality. She is warm, friendly, and cheerful with everyone– this in spite of the hurtful comments and criticisms often thrown her way by certain shallow people. Priyam is incredibly strong in mind and spirit. She does not let every petty remark against her bother her terribly.

She continues to be her kind and vivacious self and grabs every chance to brighten up someone else’s day without expecting anything in return. She bears no malice or jealousy towards her older sister, even though she gets overshadowed by her at every turn. Priyam and Jhelum have a beautiful friendship of their own, which no one can touch.

Jibon Saathi
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When Shalankara Devi (played by Indrani Dutta), a successful owner of a saree enterprise, sees Jhelum, she wants her son Turno (played by Sayan Karmakar) to marry her. However, Priyam and Jhelum’s father has other plans. He bids Priyam marry Turno instead, and Shalankara Devi does not mince words to show her disappointment and blatantly insults Priyam because of her looks.

Imagine the humiliation she feels at being so publicly shamed for something so small and out of her control! Despite this, Priyam is determined to make the most of her situation and work on her marriage.

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