Priyam and Jhelum from the latest Bangla TV serial Jibon Saathi set us some serious sisterhood goals!

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The latest Zee Bangla TV serial Jibon Saathi, is a romantic drama with a most intriguing plot! It follows the tale of a young woman called Priyam (played by Diya Basu), who is the protagonist. Priyam is a lovely person! She is warm, kind, and vivacious. However, nobody quite raves about her looks. She is fairly plain, with big eyes and crooked teeth, which attracts quite a lot of criticism from people, who love comparing her with her older sister, Jhelum (played by Shrabani Bhunia).

Watch an episode from Jibon Saathi below:

Now, Jhelum is the embodiment of beauty and femininity. In fact, the man that their father makes Priyam marry, falls in love with Jhelum before getting rejected by her! Surely, with so much to have to compete against, Priyam and Jhelum’s relationship suffers? On the contrary, The two sisters are the best of friends and the tightest unit together!

Check out this video where the actors who play Priyam and Jhelum, Diya Basu and Shrabani Bhunia, describe the heartwarming bond shared by the two characters:

Priyam and Jhelum’s sisterhood is one that anybody would envy! Despite society’s best efforts to pit the two against each other and make them feel inadequate, the two sisters never succumb to the pressure. They stick up for each at every turn and support each other through thick and thin. Priyam bears no malice or jealousy towards her older sister, and Jhelum goes to any lengths to protect her younger sister.

Jibon Saathi
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What’s more, Priyam and Jhelum also have a lot of fun together. They have many interests that they share with each other, which strengthens their relationship further. Most importantly, they are two individuals who treat each other as equals. Their camaraderie and respect for each are truly admirable! Watch them in action on ZEE5!

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