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Aggabai Sunbai: A Rigid Shubhra Saves Soham, But Has An Important Lesson To Teach Him!

Tanvi Rumale

May 17, 2021

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In the latest episode of Aggabai Sunbai, Shubhra has some important things to say to her husband, Soham.

In Aggabai Sunbai, Shubhra has been able to successfully gather herself after Soham and Suzanne set her up and make her look bad in front of Asawari. Now Shubhra is more underconfident about Asawari taking her side than ever before and this is all Soham’s doing. But she has not lost all hope yet. Over a couple of days, she has wrapped her head around the fact that Soham and Suzanne together are evil and completely heartless. Their true faces have come to life in front of Shubhra now and this has brought out a stronger side of her too. She is now seen looking the two in the eye with a distrustful look on her face.

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In the previous episodes, we saw that Soham and Suzanne approached Anurag and bribed him with 5 Lakh rupees to revoke the stay order on a property. Asawari thinks that Maddy has bribed Anurag so she asks Maddy to discontinue her work in DBK foods. But the actual person to be blamed and punished is actually Soham. In the latest episode, Maddy approaches Anurag and asks him to come with her to clear her name. Maddy and Anurag meet Shubhra on their way and that is when Anurag tells her that it was not Maddy but another man and woman who came to see him and bribed him.

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Then he notices Soham and Suzanne in a car and recognises them. He tells Shubhra that they were the ones who bribed him. Shubhra looks at the two wearily and Anurag figures out the link between the three people. Shubhra requests Anurag to clear Maddy’s name but not to name Soham during his talk with Asawari. She does not want Asawari to be angry with Soham so she makes Anurag promise to her that he will not reveal the name of the person who tried to bribe him!

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Anurag agrees and leaves. Then Shubhra confidently walks to the car and talks to Soham. She informs Soham that Anurag recognised him and was about to reveal his truth but she stopped him. Her lesson to him is: At the end of the day it is your wife that will help you and no one else.

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It is a direct taunt to him and Suzanne and all their wrongdoings. By doing this she declares that she has a purer heart than they ever will, but now she also has an upper hand with them. She knows that it was Soham who bribed Anurag. Shubhra can use this as leverage to keep herself out of harm’s way and even stress Soham out too!

What could happen next is that the next time Soham behaves badly with Shubhra or disrespects her, Shubhra could bring up the bribing episode and put him in his place. This could directly give Shubhra more confidence to fight Soham in a stronger and more intelligent manner!

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