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Aggabai Sunbai’s Abhijit Emerges As Shubhra’s No.1 Support; Here’s How He Can Help Her!

Tanvi Rumale

May 11, 2021

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Abhijit has always been like Shubhra’s father but we will now see him fully backing Shubhra in Aggabai Sunbai!

Finally, on Aggabai Sunbai, we see Shubhra breaking down and talking to Abhjit about her problems! She found out about Soham’s affair with Suzanne on the day of her anniversary and has been keeping it to herself since then. She tried to commit suicide but was saved at the last moment by a stranger. She realised she does have Babdu (Shubham) to live for. She tries to talk to Asawari about Soham but Soham intervenes and Shubhra loses her opportunity. But, Abhijit saves the day!

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Shubhra has been more put off and scared after seeing Soham’s mean and true personality and how remorseless he is about being found out. She has been dying inside with her thoughts swirling. When Shubham and Abhijit are playing, Abhijit notices a bed put up on the floor. Shubham was sleeping on the bed so it has to be either Shubhra or Soham who were sleeping down. He asks Shubhra and Shubhra breaks down. Abhijit is a father figure to her and she realises that she has to tell someone.

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Abhijit is livid when he realises what Shubhra was about to do (commit suicide) and how she did not tell the family till now. Abhijit vows to back Shubhra in her fight and support her whenever she needs. He wants to tell Asawari but Shubhra stops him and asks him to swear that he won’t tell Asawari because she has just begun trusting Soham and she loves him a lot. It will break her heart if she knows the truth.

While Abhijit knows this, he could remember how he had himself found out about the affair and warned Soham to correct his ways. Soham didn’t and actually became worse. Abhijit must not repeat the same mistake twice! So Abhijit could reveal the truth to Asawari. If Abhjijit wants to honour his promise to Shubhra, what he can do is, he can work with Maddy, Asawari’s assistant and create situations in which Soham is left exposed to Asawari!

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Abhijit could also be Shubhra’s guardian at home and keep a watch on Soham so that he does not hurt her as he did before. He could act like a shield for Shubhra so that she does not have to face Soham alone. Even otherwise, Abhijit could become Shubhra’s shoulder to rely on where she can talk about her grief and her pain and come up with plans for her future as well.

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Abhijit has always been encouraging of Shubhra but now, Abhijit will have to double his encouragement since she needs it the most right now. He could push her to talk back to Soham, to question him, to show her anger to him. He could also encourage Shubhra to pursue her passions like dance or find financial independence by work so that she can gain more confidence. Abhijit could show Shubhra a roadmap out of this sorrow if he wants by doing all of this!

Will Abhijit be able to help Shubhra?

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