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Aggabai Sunbai: Anurag Turns Out To Be Leena Aaji’s Grandson, Few Things That We Know About Him!

Tanvi Rumale

May 10, 2021

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FInd out what we know of Aggabai Sunbai’s newest character Anurag and what he could do next on the show!

In Aggabai Sunbai, a new character Anurag was recently introduced. Anurag was the one to save Shubhra at the last minute when she was about to jump off a building and end her life. He met her for the first time at that terrace where she was broken and in a state of shock. He tries to get her to rethink her decision and quieten her mind. He even walks her back to her house that day. At that point, we were all wondering who this intriguing character was and the latest episode now has answered some of our questions!

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Anurag has till now not only met Shubhra on a fateful night but has met Ajoba, Shubham and Soham as well. Once, while Anurag was on a walk, he saw Ajoba and they both hit it off instantly. Ajoba and Anurag then decided to take a walk together that day! On another day when Shubhra was to meet Suzanne and confront her about her affair with Soham, Anurag meets Shubham and Shubhra by accident and he even plays with Shubham.

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Later, for a particular land deal that Anurag is associated with, Soham and Suzanne too meet with Anurag and find him intriguing and weird. Anurag accepts Soham’s bribe to revoke the stay order on the land and we think Anurag might use that to land Soham in trouble in the coming episodes.

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In the latest episode now we see Anurag and Ajoba bump into each other and then Anurag mentions that his Aaji lives close by, so he visits her often. When Ajoba meets Leena Aaji she tells him that she just missed her grandson! That’s when we learn that Anurag is none other than Leena Aaji’s grandson! She tells Ajoba that he is very nice as a person and is always out and about helping people in need! He is also a loving grandson so he visits Leena Aaji often!

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Source: ZEE5

We think that Anurag is a lawyer or government employee or a philanthropist, an innate do-gooder who seems wise beyond his years. He clearly can get Soham in trouble for bribing him.

He is also very inquisitive and knows a lot about Shubhra like her son is the only reason why she is alive!  He knows that her husband is the one giving her a very tough time as well! We think that Anurag could recognise Shubhra to be another person in need for help and bail her out of her problems. He could give her wise insights and prod her to do better and become her old self again!

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Anurag could also get easy access to the Kulkarni house as he is Leena Aaji’s grandson and now, Ajoba’s friend too and he can get an inside view of Shubhra’s world. This could help him help her better as well!

What do you think Anurag will do next?

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