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Aggabai Sunbai: Shubra Tries To Tell Asawari About Soham’s Affair But Fails; Here’s What Could Happen Next!

Tanvi Rumale

May 5, 2021

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Find out what could happen next on Aggabai Sunbai after Shubhra fails to inform Asawari of Soham’s adultery.

Zee Marathi’s newest show, Aggabai Sunbai is currently seeing a lot of drama between Shuhbra and Soham. In the last few episodes, Shubhra has been reeling after the discovery of her husband’s affair with Suzanne. While Suzanne plans for this to happen and Soham is at first, surprised and desperate to calm Shubhra down, he later cools. He assumes Shubhra’s strength to be very little and he knows that Shubhra will not tell a soul about what she found out.

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We know how little Soham really thinks of Shubhra. He thinks she is good for nothing but household chores and taking care of Shubham. In his mind, she is only a caretaker of the house and his child, nothing more. But Asawari and Abhijit truly believe that Shubhra is made up of better and stronger stuff. She just had been through a lot over the years and has become underconfident. We see this strength when Shubhra tries to approach Asawari and tell her the truth about Soham. He did not think she would be capable of it, but Shubhra proves him wrong by approaching Asawari!

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In a desperate move, Soham intervenes and makes conversation with Asawari himself, thereby completely sidelining Shubhra. We think that Shubhra will become more hopeless after this display of strength because of the way Soham quashed it. In the coming episodes, we might see Soham emotionally blackmail her with Shubham. He might manipulate her into thinking that she is worthless without the Kulkarnis and without the name “Shubhra Soham Kulkarni.”

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We might see a crumbling Shubhra breakdown often and be lost in her own world of sorrow and betrayal. Abhijit and Asawari will have to take it upon themselves to get to the truth or even get it out of her. We have seen this couple act as Shubhra’s real parents before. We know how much she means to them. Hence, it will be on them to take care of their sunbai and find out what has made her so morose.

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Abhijit knows about Soham’s relationship with Suzanne, but he thinks that Soham has ended it with her. Abhijit will have to keep a close eye and also let Asawari in all his findings. If Abhijit and Asawari come together, they can help Shubhra get back her strength and confidence while also throwing Soham out of the house.

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We might also see the new character of Anurag, the handsome stranger who has helped Shubhra once, come into Shubhra’s life. He could also learn about Soham’s affair and he might help bring this news to Asawari and Abhijit as well.

Do you think Shubhra will have the courage to break the news to Asawari?

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