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Aggabai Sunbai: These Instances Prove That Soham Can Control Shubhra And Keep Her From Telling The Truth!

Tanvi Rumale

May 7, 2021

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All the things Soham and said and done to Shubhra in Aggabai Sunbai make us believe that he will not let Shubhra tell Asawari about his affair!

Aggabai Sunbai’s Shubhra is having the worst time of her life on the show right now. She has discovered Soham’s affair and also tried to commit suicide. After that failure, she realised that she cannot end her life because she needs to take care of Babdu, her son (Shubham). That is the only reason why she goes back home from the resort and lets Soham pretend to be happily married to her. She is dying from the inside because of her pain but she is unable to tell anyone this because Soham keeps doing several things to keep her mum!

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His pretense during the anniversary celebrations 

Instead of coaxing Shubhra into following his lead and keeping her mouth shut, Soham just eases into his character of a good husband and cuts the cake with her in front of the family members. After that, he goes down on one knee and even says romantic things like asking her to stay with him for many more years, the way she has all this time. This is not just a drama for the family but also a subliminal message to Shubhra to shut up and stay where she is without making hasty decisions. He’s trying to show her what she has right now: a family, respect, a husband, and money. She could lose all of this if she broke her silence!

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His call with Suzanne

The fact that he shows no remorse or guilt and is in fact unbothered by what Shubhra thinks is extremely weird. The same night that he is caught by his wife, is uncaringly talking to his girlfriend on the phone about his wife! Soham knows that Shubhra might be listening but he doesn’t care as he tells Suzanne how he thinks that Shubhra won’t tell anyone simply because she’s too weak to do it.

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He assaults Shubhra

While he doesn’t beat her up, later that night he talks to Shubhra very harshly and even pushes her around with force. He forcefully makes her wear earrings and a bindi and tells her that after that she looks like “Shubhra Soham Kulkarni” and without these things, she looked like the plain, useless, just “Shubhra.” He is trying to tell her that she is nothing without his name attached to hers!

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He intervenes when Shubhra tries to talk to Asawari

After hearing Soham’s words from the previous night, Shubhra decides to tell Asawari. While Asawari is on call on the balcony, Shubhra tries to approach her and even begins to talk, but Soham intervenes with a work-related subject and in front of Asawari also gifts Shubhra a new mangal sutra since her old one broke near the resort hotel room! He’s trying to keep Shubhra tied to him and is trying to remind her of her limits by giving her the mangalsutra.

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And after seeing how she approached Asawari, Soham gets a little scared that Shubhra might tell Asawari, he openly blackmails her! He tells her that she will be on the road if she tells everyone the truth and her prized possession: her family, will become a faraway thing!

Will Shubhra be able to successfully tell someone from the Kulkarni family?

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