Trinayani: Nayani shouldn’t worry about her being a threat to Vishal’s life, here’s why

As Nayani thinks of resorting to drastic ways to keep herself away from Vishal, here’s why we think she shouldn’t overthink about this!

Bhavna Gandikota

April 18, 2021


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Trianayani stars Ashika Gopal Padukone as Nayani and Chandu Gowda as Vishal, who is now facing a threat to his life because of Nayani, according to a Swamiji. Knowing this instantly broke Nayani’s heart as she cannot even think of harming Vishal in the smallest of ways. Once Vishal’s mother’s spirit comes to see her, Nayani requests her to kill Nayani because she can’t live while she is a threat to Vishal’s life.

Watch the spoiler for the latest episode of Trinayani right here!

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Nayani married Vishal to save his life

The fact that Nayani married Vishal to save his life, even when he despised her speaks volumes about her love and care for him. Her vision told her that he would die if this did not happen, and so she was willing to live in an unhappy marriage her whole life. There is no way that she will do anything to harm him in any way.

There is always a solution if she is determined 

Nayani has a supernatural gift that no one does, and she can see the future before anyone. If her vision tells her that there is a possibility that she will harm Vishal, she will find a way to rectify that too. The universe is always with Nayani and always gets her out of trouble, and we are sure that this time will be the same too. Although the Swamiji told her that she will be a threat, that might be false too!

Nayani in Trinayani
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Suicide or death is never the solution 

Nevertheless, wanting to kill herself will not be a solution because she will not be able to protect Vishal if she is no more. Maybe her absence is a threat to Vishal, and this is what the Swamiji meant too! She can be assured of Vishal’s safety if she is around him.

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