Trinayani: While we love how selfless Nayani is, here’s why she needs to start prioritising herself

From getting arrested without any fault of hers to making sure that Vishal is always safe, Nayani from Trinayani has sacrificed a lot. But here’s why we think she should think about herself too!

Bhavna Gandikota

January 28, 2021



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When one thinks of selflessness, one has to associate it with Nayani from the popular TV show Trinayani. Although plenty of people dislike her for her special powers, she always uses it for their benefit. She never prioritises herself ever, and while we admire her selflessness, we think it’s about time she loved and cared for herself too!

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Nayani would go to any extent to help the people around her. However, more often than not, it has ended with her landing amid troubles. Take, for example, the time when she was arrested for no fault of hers! While Nayani has plenty of love to give to other people, she is rarely loving towards herself. A prime example of this is the fact that she chose to marry Vishal even though he hated her.

Remember the time Nayani was accused of giving away her fingerprints when actually it was Jasmine who spiked Nayani’s water and took the fingerprints? This could have been avoided if she put Jasmine in her place the first time. When she asked Vishal to marry her, people thought that it was because she had her eyes on the property. In reality, all she wanted to do was to save Vishal.

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If only Nayani gave herself as much importance as she gives others, she would not be in jail today. Her husband Vishal did come around and loves her now, but the same cannot be expected from everyone. We love her selfless avatar but we’d love her even more if she is happier and stronger.

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