Trinayani: We’ve reasons to believe that Nayani isn’t lying about seeing Vishal’s mother

Though Trinayani’s Nayani is accused of lying, we think that there is no chance she would do that!

Bhavna Gandikota

April 5, 2021



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Trianayani stars Ashika Gopal Padukone as Nayani and Chandu Gowda as Vishal, who are now a part of a ritual that is being done to bring back the soul of Vishal’s mother. As Nayani and her sister realise that the Tantric might be calling the soul to trap her, she decides to tell them that she can see Vishal’s mother. Almost everyone thinks that she is lying but here’s why we think that she is not.

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Nayani is blessed with a vision that lets her see the future and save her close ones from what could happen. With such a power, it is possible that she actually envisioned Vishal’s mother when she was yet to arrive. She can also sense things that others can’t and she might be sensing this too. There is a possibility that others don’t believe her because they can’t see it themselves.

Nayani has never lied earlier too! She is the epitome of honesty and one who wouldn’t lie even if it saved her life. She has always put the truth above everything else, and there is no reason for her to change her ways now. Nayani would certainly not lie to misguide someone just because she doesn’t like what is going on.

Gangadhar and Nayani in Trinayani
Source: ZEE5

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Nayani has the best intentions for people, no matter how long she has known them. There was a time when she even cared for Jasmine despite what Jasmine put her through. We can not ever imagine a Nayani who tries to sabotage people’s plans, no matter what she thinks of them. She would love nothing more than helping the people around her, which she is doing now too!

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