Thirumathi Hitler: Will AJ Eventually Open Up To Hasini?

As Thirumathi Hitler’s Hasini tries to open up AJ’s locker, is there a chance that AJ will open up to her?

Bhavna Gandikota

March 31, 2021



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A lot has changed in the Thirumathi Hitler‘s universe ever since AJ and Hasini have gotten married. This accidental wedding has made sure that they are stuck with each other for life, however, will they actually be able to warm up to each other? This is a question that only time can answer but here’s why we think they will eventually confide in each other.

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The equation between AJ and Hasini

AJ and Hasini started off on the wrong note and despise each other. However, it also comes from a place of comfort where they are not formal with each other and tell each other exactly what is on their mind. They could not care less about having a filter around each other, which means that they are comfortable around one another. Apart from this, Hasini also tells him whenever she is in trouble and trusts him to solve it, no matter what it is.

What has marriage changed for them?

After getting married, there is no way that they can avoid the other. They end up spending time with each other, no matter how much they hate it. Eventually, they will start understanding each other and open up because of how much they see each other. AJ has already started taking Hasini’s help with little things. He had always known that Hasini was misunderstood, and just needs some direction. He might not accept it, but he enjoys her company and it shows.

AJ and Hasini in Thirumathi Hitler
Source: ZEE5

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AJ and Hasini as partners 

AJ and Hasini are ideal partners for each other in a sense. AJ already knows about all the troubles that Hasini has dealt with in her life. He knows what she is like, and does not ever expect her to change. Hasini also understands that AJ doesn’t warm up very easily and is willing to give him the time.

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