Thirumathi Hitler: As AJ Marries Hasini, What Twists Will Unfold Ahead?

As AJ marries Hasini, without knowing that it is her, will they be happy together? Read on to know what could possibly be in store for the duo!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 19, 2021



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Thirumathi Hitler‘s AJ was all set to tie the knot with Komali, but as fate would have it, Hasini had to take her place to save her family from Badri. As AJ proceeds to marry Hasini instead of Komali without being unaware, the show is up for some great revelations with each passing episode. AJ will eventually learn that the bride is Hasini, but will the duo ever be happy together?

Watch the trailer for the latest episode of Thirumathi Hitler right here!

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As Hasini reluctantly ties the knot with AJ, the biggest question that stands is that how will AJ react to Hasini being his wife? AJ’s mother wishes for Hasini to be the bride and this is precisely what happens. Once Komali regains consciousness, there is a chance that AJ would want to call off his wedding with Hasini, but he has feelings for Hasini that he doesn’t realise, which is why we think that they will end up together!

Zee Tamizh recently took to their Instagram account and posted a picture of the unexpected and captioned it “Vandhachu namma Thirumathi Hitler” which translates to “Welcome to our family, Mrs. Hitler”, hinting towards the fact that AJ and Hasini are now married and in this for the long haul.

Catch the Instagram post right here!

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However, the bigger question remains if Hasini would be able to handle herself in a house like AJ’s where she has to perform her duties as a mother-in-law to women who are even older than her! AJ and Hasini are two polar opposite people and might have to compromise on various factors before they find love within each other.

Whether they end up happily with each other or not, is an answer that will only be answered once you watch the show!

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