Thirumathi Hitler: Here’s Why We Think AJ And Hasini Will Cross Paths Once Again

As Badri reenters Hasini’s life, here’s why we think that she will cross paths with AJ yet again!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 16, 2021



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Thirumathi Hitler’s Badri is back in Hasini’s life and is threatening to kill Swetha, if Hasini’s doesn’t comply to his needs. AJ is all set to get married to Komali but as Hasini panics and gives in, here’s why we think that AJ and Hasini will be crossing paths again, in the most unexpected ways.

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AJ is the only one who can help

The only person we have seen Hasini seek for help during trouble is AJ. She might keep fighting with him but she is also only comfortable enough to tell him what she needs and is bothering her. As of now she has no chance but to see AJ and ask for his help, because it seems like he is the only person who will be able to help Hasini.

AJ has always been there when Hasini was in trouble

Be it her falling off the stairs or Badri threatening her sister’s life, AJ has always been there for Hasini, knowingly or unknowingly. We are sure that as Swetha and Hasini’s lives are under threat once again, AJ will be there to rescue the sisters like he did once before too! AJ has always had an intuition for when Hasini was in trouble and this time would be no different!

Hasini in Thirumathi Hitler
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Hasini and AJ are both unhappy

Hasini and AJ are both unhappy with the wedding. Even though they haven’t confessed their feelings for each other, it is evident that the duo is not over each other. We are sure that they would jump at the next chance to be with each other even if they don’t admit that they have feelings for one another.

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