Thirumathi Hitler: Was AJ’s Plan to Marry Hasini Slightly Toxic?

With Thirumathi Hitler’s Hasini having to marry AJ, is there a chance that his plan was toxic? Read on to know more!

Bhavna Gandikota

April 8, 2021



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As Badri returns in Thirumathi Hitler, he tells Hasini that AJ had planned Swetha’s kidnapping to make sure that he can get married to Hasini. Hasini goes on to confront AJ and learns that Badri was telling the truth. While AJ and Hasini are two different people who are learning to live with each other, did AJ take it too far? We have reasons to believe that it is also a little toxic!

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Hasini was oblivious to the truth

The fact that AJ had planned the whole strategy so Hasini asks him for help, makes us feel like Hasini would have gone the other way if she knew the truth. She got married to AJ out of helplessness and that is the last reason why one should get married. Whatever AJ’s reasons might be, Hasini deserved to know the full truth before taking a decision.

AJ strongarmed Hasini

Even if he hadn’t planned for Hasini to come to him for help, it is true that he forced her to marry him. He helped her on the condition that she will have to do whatever he says. He then asks her to marry him, which shows that Hasini wouldn’t have done so if it weren’t for her sister. He got Swetha kidnapped for the second time, so Hasini would have no option but to marry AJ.

AJ and Hasini in Thirumathi Hilter
Source: ZEE5

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How he treats Hasini after marriage

Post getting married, he also made sure that Hasini would feel guilty for marrying him and makes her do all the household chores alone. He has an extremely strange way to keep her close to him and this does more harm than help his motives.

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