Thirumathi Hitler: Are AJ and Hasini Actually Making Each Other Better People?

Thirumathi Hitler’s AJ and Hasini, keep logging heads with each other but, is this helping them become better humans?

Bhavna Gandikota

April 5, 2021



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Thirumathi Hilter‘s Hasini and AJ are at loggerheads with each other almost all the time. Be it because of AJ’s strict personality or Hasini’s carefree nature, they have all the reasons in the world to keep fighting with each other. While AJ and Hasini might keep fighting with each other, we think that it actually helps them become better people, as they overcome their shortcomings, in ways that one simply cannot expect from them.

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AJ and his ego 

AJ might have achieved a lot in life and might be feared by all, but we all know that he has a fragile ego that can be disturbed very quickly. He is not used to people disagreeing with him, and he himself said it when he forced Hasini to take care of the ring. Hasini on the other hand doesn’t fear him and does what she wants. Perhaps, this is how AJ will learn to live with people who have different opinions and learn to respect them.

Hasini and her carelessness 

Hasini is someone who can uplift anyone with her jovial personality. She always tries to be happy, but one of her major shortcomings is that she is a little irresponsible and careless. As she is forced to take up the post of a security guard, AJ makes sure that she learns to become responsible. Even if he might not consciously do it, this will certainly make her more careful and responsible.

AJ and Hasini in Thirumathi Hitler
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Being there for each other

They might hate each other on the surface but, they also confide in each other when times are tough. When Badri posed a threat to Hasini’s family, she immediately turned towards AJ, and when AJ was stuck in the bathroom with no water, Hasini jumped to help him. This only goes to show that despite their challenges, they will help each other with anything.

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