The Married Woman’s New Promo Sees Ridhi Dogra’s Astha Exploring Her Identity And Belonging For The First Time Ever

Check out The Married Woman’s new promo as Astha explores her identity and belongingness for the first time. Catch the premiere of the Married Woman on Women’s Day, March 8, 2021

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February 19, 2021


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Following a beautiful teaser that gave us a sneak-peak into the lives of Astha and Peeplika, and a captivating trailer that left us yearning for more, The Married Woman has dropped a character promo for one of the leads, Astha played by Ridhi Dogra. All her life Astha has been the ideal daughter, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, and everything else. She never lived her life for herself. This promo shows Astha finally evolving and exploring her identity for her first time, with a little help from Peeplika, played by Monica Dogra.

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The promo shows Astha’s transformation from a timid, submissive woman, to a free-spirited woman who isn’t afraid to stand for herself. Check out the promo:


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Astha’s life has never been her own. Throughout her life, her decisions were made by someone else, initially her mother and after marriage her husband. She was always made to believe that this is how it’s supposed to be. She’s expected to be caring, selfless, and above all submissive. Her husband represents a typical ideal man, who provides for the house, provides for his wife, but doesn’t even see her for who she truly is. He constantly demeans her, but Astha always keeps mum. She was the perfect daughter, perfect wife, but all of this wasn’t out of her choice, but out of conditioning.

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All of this changes when she meets Aijaz, and later Peeplika. Aastha finally starts discovering herself and her true identity, outside of her role as a wife and mother. As she meets new people, Astha starts to see life from a new perspective that she never thought existed.  She starts exploring her identity as an individual and not someone’s wife or mother. Peeplika enters Astha’s life and gives it a new meaning. A complete contrast from Astha, Peeplika is a firebrand who is constantly defying orthodox beliefs and breaking stereotypes. She pushes Astha to be happy, be her own person, and most of all, to live for herself.

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A woman who used to walk behind others finally starting seeing herself. Astha, who in her own words, spent 11 years of marriage being pushed around with the direction of the wind, is finally standing against the wind, in absolute confidence.

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For the uninitiated, The Married Woman, Starring Riddhi Dogra and Monica Dogra in the lead roles, is an unconventional love story beyond gender barriers, religion, and societal conditioning, based on the best-seller novel of the same name written by author Manju Kapur. Catch the premiere of the Married Woman on Women’s Day, March 8, 2021.

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