‘I Want To Hold Up A Mirror To The Society And Ask Them To Change Things’, Says The Married Woman Author On Writing This Brave Story

Manju Kapoor talks about writing The Married Woman, her career as an author, her reliability with Aastha and much more.

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February 9, 2021


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Adding another feather to its hat, ZEE5 is all set for the release of, ‘The Married Woman’, one of the most awaited and ambitious projects on the platform. Starring Riddhi Dogra and Monica Dogra in the lead roles, The Married Woman is based on the best-selling novel of the same name.

Written by the Internationally Best-Selling Author, Manju Kapoor, The Married Woman, much like her other books, revolves around compassionate, progressive women ready to break the shackles of the society and take flight. Set in 1992, The Married Woman, follows Aastha as she sets upon a journey to find love, companionship and most of all find herself. It is the story of two beautiful souls, who find solace in each other.

With only a few days to the release of this stirring web series, here’s what the author of the book, Manju Kapoor has to say:


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In this heartwarming video, the author narrates how she, along with any other married woman can definitely relate to Aastha as most of them are brought up to get married, run a house and couldn’t think of a career for themselves that would be above their family. While talking about the message she said that, “I wanted to show that, this is the way men and women function together and this is the way women are sometimes forced to function in a family. If you’re holding up a mirror and saying that things are like this and they need to change then that’s the message.

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Talking about the relevance of a story set in the 1990s in today’s time, the author said, “A novel is about people and society and though the society may change the issues concerning your relationship to that society are often similar“.  She also added how difficulties around marriages, same-sex relationships, societal conditioning of women are relevant even today in 2021.

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When asked about her thoughts on the book being presented as a web series, Manju said that she thinks it’s wonderful and she’s really pleased about it. She also added that the reason for that is that sometimes when people see something that they like, they go back to the book. And even if they don’t, they still get something out of the story. So either way, her story reaches millions of people out there.

Watch out for this unconventional, soul-stirring love story premiering on Women’s Day, 8th March on ZEE5.

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