The Married Woman Teaser: Ridhi And Monica Dogra’s Unconventional Love Story Will Be A Treat To Watch This Women’s Day

Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra star in the upcoming series The Married Woman, which is about an unconventional love story. Read here to know about its teaser.

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February 9, 2021



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On this year’s International Women’s Day, ZEE5 is giving us a web-series, based on a groundbreaking novel – A Married Woman, by author Manju Kapoor. The series, named The Married Woman, will star Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra in the lead roles of Aastha and Peeplika. The plot of The Married Woman is about an unconventional love story. The teaser of the series was recently dropped and it looks really good and mostly, different.

Set in 1992, The Married Woman is based on a love story that breaks multiple societal norms. The teaser of the show looks very beautiful. It begins with showing our protagonist, Aastha (Ridhi Dogra) in the moments of her daily life, followed by the moments that will change her life. The setting of the show seems very pleasing and convincing. The way Aastha’s environment is constructed looks natural, yet artistic.


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Our next lead, Peeplika (Monica Dogra) is also introduced beautifully. The moment when Aastha visits Peeplika in her art gallery also sets a lovely tone in the teaser, where we see two different moments happening together – one where Aastha is noticing the painting and seeing herself in it and at the same time, Peeplika is noticing Aastha looking at her artwork, all intrigued.

A still from the teaser

Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra seem absolutely brilliant in their roles. If Ridhi Dogra’s expressions are so brilliant in this short teaser, we can only expect big things from her character in the series. Monica Dogra also seems great and looks like she will be a shining star in the series, with those effective expressions. All the other actors too, seem very natural in portraying their roles.

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The other two highlights of this teaser are the way it displays the texts to set up the story arc, with closeups of pencil leads, which seems artistically alluring, and also the lovely camera work. The latter sets high expectations for the show’s cinematography for us.

A still from the teaser

The music in the teaser of The Married Woman is also very beautiful and soulful. It perfectly sets the tone of the story in the teaser. The author of the book, Manju Kapoor, has said that through this story she wants to show the world a mirror about how women are forced to function in the world. To be getting this series on the International Women’s Day is absolutely delightful.

The Married Woman will premiere on ZEE5 on 8 March 2021. Until then you can watch other Originals of ZEE5.

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