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The Married Woman Music Review: Melodies That Bring Joy And Warmth

Vatsal Thakore

March 10, 2021

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The Married Woman on ZEE5 has three really beautiful songs – ‘Dil Ki Shaakhon Pe’, ‘Bematlab’ and ‘Main Ta Hui Teri Bawri’.

The Married Woman, a beautiful show about an unconventional love story, premiered on ZEE5 on International Women’s Day 2021. Based on a novel by Manju Kapur, the show revolves around the story of Aastha, a married woman, who feels bound in her married life and finds her comfort and freedom in the companionship of another woman. Along with a beautiful story, acting performances, and cinematography, the show also has music tracks that are just as lovely.


The first track in the show is Bematlab. Released along with its teaser, the track has already received a lot of love. It is written, sung, and composed by Amrita Bagchi. The lyrics of the track are thought-provoking and the overall composition and Amrita Bagchi’s vocals give it a very warm and calm feeling. The song fits very well in the show, while it is revolving around Aastha’s life and displaying her emotions.

Some of the best lines from the song: “Khamakha hi ginn rahe, yun hi daane chunn rahe ho… hum woh sadi jo beet jaayegi, bematlab” – which makes us think about our moments of existence in this world.


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The next track in The Married Woman is Dil Ki Shaakhon Pe. The lyrics of the song very beautifully describes the feelings that a person experiences when they find new love, and it makes their life feel beautiful and different suddenly. It is a soft song, with music that reminds us of ghazals from old times. The tabla played in this song will definitely win your heart. It has been written, sung, and composed very well. The song comes to describe Aastha’s newfound love in the show.

Source: A still from The Married Woman

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The third track in the show is Main Ta Hui Teri Bawri. The composition of the song gives a happy and cheerful vibe. This track also describes the happiness experienced by a person when they find love in someone and are experiencing the raw happiness of it. It’s a melody that will instantly tug at your heartstrings. 

Source: ZEE5

All three tracks give a very warm and beautiful feeling when one listens to them. They fit the atmosphere of the show and the timeline that The Married Woman has been set in. All the songs, with their lovely lyrics and composition, also describe the show’s ongoing moments and emotions perfectly. Even after you’re done watching The Married Woman, you will find yourself listening and humming these enchanting songs.

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