The Married Woman’s New Promo Has A Heartwarming Song And Some Truly Beautiful Frames!

The Married Woman got a new promo for the show, featuring the song Bematlab by Amrita Bagchi and it’s beautiful beyond words. The show will premiere on International Women’s Day, March 8, on ZEE5.

The Married Woman is an upcoming series on ZEE5, starring Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, and Suhaas Ahuja. The show is based on a novel, A Married Woman, by Manju Kapur. The show will premiere on International Women’s Day, March 8, on ZEE5 and recently, the platform released a new promo video of the show, with a beautiful song. It was a melody that will instantly strike a chord with you. Read on to know about it.

After a beautiful teaser, with some truly aesthetic frames, and an interesting trailer, The Married Woman got a new promo video, this time with a soulful song. This video also brings us some really beautiful frames. It features the stills of the main characters from their different moments from the show, being formed out of pencil sketches.

These simple frames with simpler animations, gives a really beautiful effect to the promo, giving us a feel of the lovely moments that the series will present us with. Watch the video here:


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What makes this promo touch our hearts and souls, is the song playing along with the montage. With some really thoughtful and beautiful lyrics and just as beautiful a composition, the song makes us feel warm and lovely. Besides the lyrics and composition, the angelic voice of the singer also makes it more mesmerising. The song, Bematlab, is written, sung, and composed by Amrita Bagchi, an independent artist and she weaves magic with both – her words and also her voice. 

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Set in 1992, The Married Woman will revolve around the story of Aastha (Ridhi Dogra), a woman who lives a simple married life with her husband, in-laws, and her kid. While she’s a teacher, she feels restricted and bound to her simple life, and one day, finds herself feeling freed and comforted, in the company of another woman, Peeplika (Monica Dogra). Will their love defy all odds and find its way to happiness? Find out in The Married Woman on ZEE5.

The Married Woman premieres on ZEE5 on 8 March.

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