5 Reasons Why The Married Woman Is An Apt And Exquisite Release For Women’s Day!

With a promising premise, ZEE5’s upcoming show The Married Woman would definitely shape your perspective for good. An inspiring journey of a woman realizing her true worth, this show will be a treat to watch this Women’s Day.

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March 5, 2021


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We are living in the golden era of OTT and television. Filmmakers and showrunners are keen on experimenting with new and realistic concepts. With this change, the audience has also witnessed a rise in shows led by strong female characters. These stories are not just about perfect, heroic characters but also about simple women, one could definitely relate to. And ZEE5 has a plethora of such great content featuring strong ladies in the forefront. To give you an example, ZEE5’s upcoming original The Married Woman is a part of the same league.

Featuring Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra in the lead, the show is based on Manju Kapur’s best-selling novel of the same name. Set in 1992, the show will explore the story of Astha, a dutiful wife whose life changes for good when she meets an unconventional artist Peeplika. Eventually, they both set out on a journey of self-discovery while battling with their inner chaos and societal stereotypes.

From the trailer, we can say that the show has a promising premise that would definitely inspire everyone. So, here’s taking a look at a few reasons why The Married Woman is an apt release for this Women’s Day.

Story Of Two Women & Their Worlds

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At the spotlight of the show are the different worlds of two women. One of Astha (Ridhi), a young woman brought up in a middle-class household, married in a traditional arrange manner, leading a blissful life with two children. On the other side, we have Peeplika, an independent woman and an unconventional artist. Her world is full of philosophy bound with nothing but her self-love. 

In The Married Woman, we will see these two worlds colliding with each other whilst forming a bond. The story will revolve around Astha and Peeplika’s different lives and how they eventually get along with each other.

The Quest For Freedom

A still from The Married Woman
Source: ZEE5

Set in the 1990s, The Married Woman will trace the journey of two women fighting their way out of the societal shackles. While Astha will deal with her conservative family and their limitations, we’ll see Peeplika being her guiding light. The show will give us an accurate image of their suffering and further watching them breaking the traditional boundaries may have a significant impact on the viewers.

Astha and Peeplika’s quest for freedom will be an interesting arc in the story.

Journey Of Self-Discovery

A still from The Married Woman
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The show will portray a mature and real understanding of a woman’s psyche. We will delve into Astha’s story as she will realize her true worth. The anguish of Astha’s unrest will lead her on a journey of self-discovery. Everyone gets a second chance and that’s something Astha’s life story will essay as she’ll relive it with a new perspective altogether.

In her journey of self-discovery and finding love, Peeplika will be her strong support. This is one of the major themes of the show and it seems to have been woven perfectly with the storyline.

A Taboo Theme

A still from The Married Woman
Source: ZEE5

We will see Astha questioning the essence of her married life which has always been about her self-centred husband Hemant. Eventually, she will discover her new love in Peeplika, an artist. Through their torrid affair, we will see them crossing boundaries, finding solace in each other’s arms. While we have had many stories about homosexuality, but to be honest none of these stories seemed to have a real take.

However, The Married Woman will be more of an emotional journey of these two women fighting their inner-selves and breaking the taboo.

Leading Stars

A still from The Married Woman
Source: ZEE5

The show is led by extremely talented Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra. Both these actors have earlier impressed the audience with their exceptional TV shows and movies. Watching them together in a conceptual saga would definitely be a treat for the viewers. Their performance will be the soul of The Married Woman and the trailer is proof of it. Be ready to experience the emotionally-driven and strong on-screen personas of Astha and Peeplika.

So, these were a few reasons that make The Married Woman a perfect treat for the audience on the eve of Women’s Day.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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