Sembaruthi: How The Show Is Beyond Just A Love Story And Does Important Social Commentary

From portraying discrimination against different classes to discussing the state of women, here’s how Sembaruthi acts as a mirror to the society time and again.

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December 28, 2020


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In more ways than one, Sembaruthi has constantly been talking about the society. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that the show acts like a mirror to the world around us. While the core of the story revolves around the love story between Adhithya and Parvathi, who belong to two different economic backgrounds, the show is more than a love story.

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When a senior police officer is seen harassing a constable, Akhilandeswari jumps in to save the constable from the officer. The whole incident backfires and it ends up with Akhila having to be arrested. However, like we would know, Adhithya would never let his mother go to jail and be humiliated. So, he gets Madhumati who lets out the truth about the officer in front of the press, saving Akhila’s honour and preventing her from going to the jail.

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We often see that common people feel powerless when they encounter those with more power. It is extremely difficult for them to take a stand in such cases. But Akhilandeswari fearlessly confronting a senior police officer only proves that she believes in nothing else but equality and fair treatment for all.

Apart from this, the show also talks about the socio-economic discrimination that is still prevalent in our society. Parvathi’s relationship with Akhilandeswari is a thorough reflection of this. Akhilandeswari doesn’t accept Parvathi as her daughter-in-law because she belongs to a poorer background. Sadly enough, Akhila goes on to represent a large section in our society that still looks down on people with lesser financial capabilities.

On the other hand, we have people like Janaki Amma and Mr Perumal who give Parvathi and Adithya a house to live in without thinking about the money that they should be getting from them. Such people are rare, but they surely exist.

The various subjects that the show talks about is one of the reasons the viewers continue to love the show!

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