Sembaruthi: Here’s Why Adhithya Is The Perfect Son!

In Sembaruthi, Adhitya is Akhilandeswari’s weakness and strength at the same time and here’s why Akhilandeswari is blessed to have him!

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December 21, 2020



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When events took a dark turn and Adhikadavur Akhilandeswari‘s name was dragged through the mud for hitting a police officer, her family didn’t question her even once and stood with her like a rock. More than anyone, it was Adhithya who went beyond the moon for his mother. Here’s why Adhithya from Sembaruthi is the ideal son that everyone wants.

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When Akhilandeswari almost got arrested, Adhithya stopped it almost when she was getting cuffed. He reached out to her and jumped to her aid at the first chance that he got without thinking of anything that happened in the past. Akhila cares about Parvathi but isn’t welcoming of her as a daughter-in-law because of which Adhithya and Parvathi had to start a new life.

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Despite all this history, Adhitya doesn’t think twice before going out of the way to keep his mother out of the prison. Neither does he doubt her intentions, nor does he school her trying to tell her that she shouldn’t be this way. Akhila had seen someone harassing a woman and she didn’t let his uniform stop her from slapping him and putting his in his place.

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This shows that Akhila would not think twice before doing what is right even if the people she is doing it for cannot see it for themselves. It is this trait that is also very evident in Adhithya. He will do the right thing for his people, no matter what. This not only elates Akhila but also brings her to tears while showing us that Adhithya is the perfect son!

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